Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips: Incest Shocker

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips Had Illicit Sex

When she was just 19-year-old, Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips, her father, got into a romantic relationship. The incestuous affair began in 1979.

To most people, Mackenzie Phillips was John Phillips' lucky daughter since he was a famous star. Nevertheless, once the world learned what she went through at the hands of her famous father, everyone was in shock.

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips Had An "Unusual" Relationship Since She Was Young

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips Had Illicit Sex

Mackenzie Phillips was born on November 10, 1959, in Virginia as Laura Mackenzie Phillips. Her mother, John's first wife, was Susan Adams.

John and Susan got divorced in 1962. Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips were left on their own until he married 18-year-old Michelle Phillips two years later.

Soon afterward, Mackenzie was estranged from her mom, who seemed more focused on her new family. Her father was all she had.

When Mackenzie reached puberty, John embarrassed her when he told everyone she was "popping tits." He would teach her to roll a perfect joint the following day.

Eventually, he would teach her how to shoot cocaine with a needle. John also became her leading supplier.

Despite his "quirks," Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips had a close relationship. Mackenzie adored her father and was always trying to get his attention.

John was a guitarist in the Mamas & the Papas during the late 60s and early 70s. Her stepmother Michelle Phillips was in the same band, as well as the famous "Mama" Cass Elliot.

Mackenzie Failed As An Actress Due To Drug Use

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips' Illicit Sex

John inspired Mackenzie to start her band when she was just 12. However, she did not get a chance to pursue her music career for long because she soon got a role in American Graffiti, an American film from 1973.

The film established her as an actress. It did not take long for her to land a leading role in One Day at a Time, a television show.

In the show, she played the role of Julie Mora Cooper Horvath, and that got her incredibly famous and earned her excellent money.

Despite her excellent on-screen performance, her private life was suffering. Drugs became a problem for her, and she was arrested in 1977 for disorderly conduct.

Eventually, her behavior on set also became a problem due to drug use. She got so unpredictable that she was ultimately fired from the show.

Her downward spiral continued as she later experienced near-fatal drug overdoses that forced her to get into rehab.

After seemingly changing her ways, she was accepted back onto One Day at a Time, but once there, she went back to drugs and collapsed when filming. She was fired for a second time in 1980 after she refused to take a drug test. Her character was written out of the show.

After this drug use episode, she was blacklisted in Hollywood. At the time she was fired, she was making an equivalent of over $240,000 a week in current dollars.

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips Had Sex A Day Before Her Wedding

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips Had Illicit Sex

After Mackenzie left One Day at a Time, she spent the next several years touring with her dad on what had become New Mamas and the Papas. This marked the infamous dark period in her life because the illicit relationship between Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips progressed.

After releasing her book High on Arrival, she revealed that she was in a 10-year sexual affair with her father. The relationship began in 1979 after she blacked out while doing drugs with her father a day before her wedding.

Her dad had shown up with a friend called Bob with the goal of stopping the wedding. Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips had a lot of pills together, after which she passed out on his bed.

When she woke up, she found her father raping her. The day after, she got married to Jeff Sessler, a member of Mick Jagger's entourage.

The incident between Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips took place in a hotel room. She kept silent about it until several months later, she decided to confront her dad.

When she confronted her father about it and accused him of raping her, he said they had made love. That marked the start of Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips' 10-year relationship, although the sexual encounters did not occur daily or weekly.

Based on Mackenzie's story, the relationship between her and her father became consensual at some point. Nevertheless, this was mainly because she had sympathy towards her father.

Drug use was also a big part of their relationship.

Over time, the relationship took its toll on Mackenzie and caused her a lot of mental anguish. Years afterward, she had to try and reverse the emotional damage she suffered.

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips Almost Had A Baby Together

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips Had Illicit Sex

The relationship between Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips finally ended when Mackenzie got pregnant. She couldn't tell if her dad or her husband was the baby's father.

She had an abortion out of fears that the baby might have been John's, and he paid for the procedure.

Nevertheless, John was in love with his daughter, and he even suggested that they run away to a country where their relationship would not be judged. John Phillips was ready to marry his daughter.

At the time, he was in his 50s while she was in her 20s. John pointed out that there were countries where such relationships were permitted, such as Fiji.

John went as far as fantasizing about having kids with his daughter. These comments made Mackenzie realize that they had gone too far and decided it was time the relationship came to an end.

Fortunately for her, she managed to forgive him before he passed away in 2001 from heart failure at 65. She had grown to understand that he was a disturbed man.

Ex-Wives Rejected News Of Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips's Relationship

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips' Illicit Sex

Eventually, the story about the incestuous relationship between Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips got out. She informed her family members about the affair and also wrote a book about the experiences.

However, his ex-wives were not convinced that John Phillips was that kind of man because he was a "good man" whose only flaws were alcoholism and drug addiction.

John's second wife, Michelle Phillips, cautioned that the claims were being made by someone who had been habitually abusing drugs for 35 years. Michelle said the story was disgusting and that Mackenzie had "a lot of mental illness."

As far as Michelle was concerned, Mackenzie was jealous of her siblings because they accomplished a lot more in life and did not turn into drug addicts as she did. Her two sisters, Bijou Phillips, and Chynna Phillips, are singer-actresses.

Michelle also revealed that Mackenzie had called her to tell her about the story and then called again to say she was joking. Michelle, who was a member of John's band, responded by saying it wasn't funny.

Genevieve Waite, also John's ex-wife, also said she did not believe Mackenzie's claims. Waite did not believe that Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips had an affair because, according to her, he was not capable of having a relationship with his child.

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips' Illicit Sex

Unfortunately, Mackenzie could not prove what she had said. Some family members have not forgiven her for having a relationship with John Phillips, and once, she was disinvited from a birthday party.

She believes these people are caught up in trying to devalue the victim and uphold the perpetrator.

Fortunately, her half-sister Chynna Phillips was supportive of her. Even though he was not around to validate the claims, Chynna believed Mackenzie's story.

Chynna said she believed that Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips had an incestuous relationship because she did not think anyone in their right mind would ever make up such a story.

Chynna also said that part of her died when she learned about the relationship for the first time.

Mackenzie Phillips Wrote A Book About Her Affair With Her Father

Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips' Illicit Sex

In 2009, Mackenzie wrote High on Arrival, which describes her relationship with her father.

The book goes into depth about her struggle with drugs, her failure as a professional, and the incestuous relationship between Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips.

She had an interview with Oprah in which she talked about her experience with the argument that she could not be the only person an incestuous relationship had happened to.

Mackenzie argued that these kinds of relationships represent an abuse of power and a betrayal of trust. During her interview, she read a passage from her book that explained how the affair with her dad started.

In her shocking memoir, Mackenzie Phillips believed she would end up in hell for having consensual sex with her father for all those years.

After sharing her story, Mackenzie started to help others struggling with drug addiction using books and counseling.

Since the truth about Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips came out, Mackenzie has admitted that family relationships have been ruined, with the victim getting devalued. Nevertheless, she does not regret sharing her story.

Mackenzie has one son, Shane, who was born in 1997. She has been married three times, and she has dated both men and women.

She has had guest appearances in shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, 7th Heaven, Orange Is The New Black, Without a Trace, ER, and Cold Case.