Mac Miller Is Dead At 26 From A Disease We Still Refuse To Acknowledge

Mac Miller Is Dead At 26 From A Disease We Still Refuse To Acknowledge

It was heartbreaking news to hear about the death of Mac Miller who died on Friday, September 7 following an apparent overdose. This was not before an open battle with drug addiction and abuse, a practice that got him into multiple altercations with the law in recent months.

In early May, he got arrested after fleeing the scene when he had crashed his car into a utility pole while drunk. Looking back, he considered it as the best possible thing to have happened as it helped him take it slower with the habit. This tragedy and the unnoticeable dozens of others that will take place during the next couple of months is a painful reminder to those of us that have been there with addition.

Hitting rock bottom is sad, painful and an event we should never want in our lives. A society that is complacent with drug abuse, within the past few years has seen rappers dying all around from the same drugs their friends will make rhymes about the next day.

Drug abuse is a menace for the society that we live in, and it causes the lives of so many young people to be crushed and destroyed. Allowing it to continue is what is driving so many to the edge, and as addiction takes hold on their lives, it gets them down a one-way road that can only lead to death. The only good option would be to avoid drugs and their addiction to avoid getting into the same patterns, habits, and behaviors as the ones that die due to it.

Also, the same superstars that we have witnessed grow into fame and then fade out are the same ones that are known to be heavy users of drugs, and this is the reason avoiding drugs, and their usage leads to living healthier, happier, and less influenced lives. It also reduces the need for us to do stupid things like overdosing and this is one extremely good reason to stop drugs.

The grip that drugs have in our lives is so saddening that it leaves lives broken. The drugs that are consumed tend to have a gap that gets imprinted into the life of the user, and when they are no longer following the habits, the gap in drug usage becomes obvious. By taking hold of our lives, we can avoid the dirty, rotten claws of drugs from sinking into our awareness and making us dependable on them.

Mac Miller was a superstar, and the much he was able to accomplish in life would have remained a good memory was it not for the struggle with drugs that only ended up in death. It is a good thing to avoid getting overdependent on drugs as they will be the very ones reversing the cycle and being more in control of us than we could imagine. A cleaner life means better habits and does away with the need for drugs that have been known to alter minds, lives, ruin relationships and do so much more damage.