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M4A4 | Neo-Noir In CS2: Review, Design, Price

M4A4 | Neo-Noir In CS2: Review, Design, Price

The announcement of CS2 was a big event for shooter fans. Some are waiting for the game itself to come out, others suggest possible profit from trading operations. However, this is a new version of the game, so expect some changes. The creators of the game worked particularly hard on skins, especially on such beautiful and popular ones as M4A4 Neo Noir.


How does the skin stand out from the rest, and how will it change?

The skin style follows its name. The design is made in the style of neo-noir comics, in which there are bright colors, beautiful girls and a mysterious atmosphere. The main image on the skin is an elegant girl with a knife handle behind her back and a bracelet with stones on her arm. At the same time, the palm is clenched into a fist, and white smoke is released from the mouth. Behind her is the silhouette of a city, reminiscent of a metropolis with skyscrapers.


In addition to this pattern, the design of the skin includes shades of various colors:

- blue;
- pink;
- lilac.

The receiver is decorated with black and white ornaments, and the butt stock is decorated with pink arrows and multicolored stripes.

If we talk about changes, then in the new version, the developers paid attention to details. And at first glance it may seem that nothing has changed, but this is not entirely true. The drawing has become clearer, and the colors more saturated. It cannot but please lovers of aesthetics, especially in such a style as neo-noir.


If we talk about the cost of this skin, then the price for it is as follows:

- from $36 for Factory New;
- from $12 for Minimal Wear;
- from $5 for Field-Tested;
- from $4 for Well-Worn;
- from $3 for Battle-Scarred.

However, it is worth considering that in the new version of the shooter, prices may change. Already now we can say that the cost of skins has grown by 20–30%, and if we talk about rarer options, then the price increase will be significantly higher.


Therefore, the rise in prices should be taken into account now, when many traders are thinking about how to make money selling skins.

Where to find the best skins and great deals

Today, trading skins is a serious business. However, this does not mean that you can simply register on the platform, buy a skin, sell it, and get the desired profit.

Experienced users approach the issue of buying a skin — and further selling it — seriously and scrupulously. It is important to buy skins that can really bring in earnings, sell them at the right time, and do it all on a specialized site.


Not all platforms are ready to facilitate earning, as they either do not have the function of withdrawing funds, or they charge a large commission, which greatly affects the final profit.

In this case, you should have a closer look at the DMarket website, where numerous skins are available at low prices, sometimes below the market average. At the same time, on the platform, using payment services, you can withdraw earned money to your personal account and manage it yourself: either keep it, or further invest in more expensive skins and get more substantial profit from trading them.