Lunch Lady Starts Writing Messages On Bananas, And The School Responds


As a parent or guardian, you probably know that motivating your children will help them become all they can be in the future. The right words can help these young children know what their priorities are in life.

On the contrary, if you constantly put the children down and ruin their self-esteem, all you can expect is that they will be too timid to chase their dreams.

Yes, words are very powerful – they can heal, build, and destroy.

Few people know this better than Stacy Truman, a mother who also works as a lunch lady in the Kingston Elementary School cafeteria in Virginia.


After working there for nine years, Stacy has seen little children grow into teenagers and then start to face adult responsibilities.

Inventing talking bananas

Her mothering instinct is always with her, and the urge to help these young ones has become too much for her to bear. That is why today the school has "talking bananas."


She first tried it on her kids, and finally, the peculiar habit found its way to work. Every lunch she packed for her kids came with a word of encouragement, and she knew the words would help the kids have an easier time going through life.

She began to write motivating messages on bananas. It all started when she took a permanent marker to school.

Her actions did not go unnoticed, and soon the school principal visited the cafeteria for a banana, and it said, "be your best self."

The message was great, and the principal shared it on Twitter. The response was fantastic and overwhelming.


The children loved the idea too, and many looked forward to lunch so that they could get a banana with an uplifting word for them. Stacey still scribbles the messages, and she hopes to help eliminate the negativity out of these children's lives.

The words that kids hear have a big role in determining how they will turn out as adults. Children don't always know that they can be better or that their dreams could come true.

It's not just for kids


Even adults benefit from positive words. So, imagine how much these words could mean to a child who is just starting in life.

These children need to know that endless possibilities exist. Stacey's message goes a little further by showing the kids that the world has many good people out there as well.

That is why she understands the importance of speaking words of encouragement to little children. These children need these words even more than anyone else does. Life does not have to be full of negativity, and positive words can go a long way in helping make this world a better place.

Stacey is certainly doing more than her fair share to get across the message that a bright future awaits these little kids.

But what are you doing as a parent or guardian to these children? Are you speaking about life to them? If you are not, then it's high time you start doing so.