Lucy Liu Took Nudes Of Drew Barrymore On The Set Of Charlie's Angels And Keeps Them To This Day

During a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Lucy Liu shared that she has managed to maintain possession of her backstage nudes from the set of Charlie's Angels.

In case you want to feel old, I want to remind you that it has been 20 years since the release of Charlie's Angels.

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu are famously known for starring in the action comedy as three women employed in a private detective agency in Los Angeles.

The trio of elite private investigators, who work for the unseen millionaire Charlie Townsend (played by John Forsythe), are based on the original '70s series.

Two decades later, Lucy Liu, who seems to have not aged a day at 54, appeared as a special guest on Barrymore's CBS show, where they started off with a strange anecdote.

"Do you know what I was actually trying to find?" asked host Barrymore, 48.

"I was trying to find the nude photographs you took of me on the set of 'Charlie's' in my dressing room."

"I have them," Liu responded while maintaining a straight-faced.

"And you look gorgeous, as you still do. And you're so natural and, you know, playful and having a great time."

"I have a series of portraits of so many people with and without clothes on, guys."

During the honest interview, Barrymore inquired whether there was anything specific that stood out for Liu during the filming of the 2000 movie, to which Liu responded with a simple recollection of "pain."

"I remember that they had to connect our legs to a wire to hold them up like that because it's impossible. "She provided this explanation while describing an old photo of the trio taken on the set.

"You have to slant your body over. I'm kind of remembering, did we have to scale that fence also?

"In heels. But what a memorable photo it made, right? We were pretty badass. I remember eight hours a day of training, five days a week."

Recently, Liu clarified the misconception that the three stars of the film didn't get along.

"What I love about that relationship is that so many people denied it and created these rumors that we were fighting and that we didn't get along," she said.

"But ultimately what I think people miss is that women can get along."

"We don't have to continue the idea that women are cat-fighting."

"And now we see with the #MeToo movement all of these things happening, and it sort of breaks and shatters those old prejudices."