Lucinda Southworth: The Woman Behind Google's Success

Lucinda Southworth: The Brain Behind Google's Success

If you are here, you must have used Google to search your queries. But do you know enough about Google? Here's something you may not have known. Like how there's a woman behind every man's success, Lucinda Southworth is the woman behind Larry Page, the co-founder of Google.

Larry Page served as the former CEO of Google, and currently, he is serving as the CEO of the Parent Company Alphabet Inc. He married Lucinda Southworth in 2007. Born in 1979, Lucinda Southworth got her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

She gained her MS Degree at the University of Oxford and recently completed her Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at Stanford University. She is a beautiful, charming lady who has gained so much in life and is not limited to her academic success.

Apart from being the wife of Larry Page, she has gained a lot personally and jointly with her husband. Read on to find out more about the woman who is the inspiration to many other women out there.

Who Is Lucinda Southworth?

Lucinda Southworth: The Woman Behind Google's Success

Lucinda Southworth, the wife of Larry Page, the co-founder of the American multinational technology company Google, sure has many things you didn't already know. The captivating beauty with a brain that stood behind Larry steady like a rock, Lucinda Southworth has a hand in all his professional and personal endeavors.

She compliments her husband in every way. Born on May 24, 1979, in the United States, Lucinda Southworth is an elegant personality. Her parents, Dr. Van Roy Southworth and Dr. Cathy McClain, are proud of her. Both the parents are from a high educational background.

Lucinda Southworth: The Brain Behind Google's Success

Dr. Van Roy Southworth is a Ph.D. holder from Stanford and serves at the World Bank. Dr. Cathy McLain works as an educational psychologist. She is also the founder of the McLain Associations for Children in the Republic of Georgia and the Stepping Stones International Organization in the United States.

These NGOs are meant to contribute towards the development of mentally and physically disabled children. Lucinda Southworth has an elder sister who is an actress and model, Carrie Southworth. She is popularly known for her role as Dr. Claire Simpson in 'General Hospital: Night Shift.'

Pursuing her undergraduate and MS degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Oxford, respectively, Lucinda pursued her Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at Stanford University.

Lucinda Southworth's Beginnings

Lucinda Southworth:

Lucinda Southworth belonged to a highly educated and wealthy family. She not only fulfilled herself in the department of academics, brimming with intellect and wisdom, she also has a pleasant personality.

Like her family, she believed in completing her academics with the highest degrees of qualification. So, after gaining her undergraduate and MS degrees from the esteemed institutions of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Oxford, she completed her Ph.D. from Stanford University.

She completed her research in comparative analysis of data expression in Eukaryotic Organisms. Such an optimistic, career-oriented, elegant lady made Larry Page fall for her, and they started dating around 2006. After a year of courtship, the couple got married in 2007.

Lucinda Southworth: The Brain Behind Google's Success

The couple got married in Necker Island, an extravagant island in the British Virgin Islands under the British business magnate Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. They chose it to be the destination of their marriage and exchanged vows witnessed by 600 guests, including prominent personalities like Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and Gavin Newsom.

The charming couple had visited many parties and events. Many of those parties were hosted by the Canadian journalist and editor of Vanity Fair, Edward Carter, and his wife, Anna Scott. The philanthropic couple's contribution to society is well reflected through their involvement in welfare and charity.

The couple participated in the medical work in South Africa and donated $15 million to the battle against the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. Her family foundation Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund was a big part of it. Lucinda Southworth never failed to do her thing and serve the world at the same time.

Lucinda Southworth's Professional Life

Lucinda Southworth

Although not much is known about her professional life in detail, the research scientist Lucinda Southworth disclosed her Ph.D. specialization of comparative analysis of expression on data on Eukaryotic Organisms. Unlike the open book that Larry is. Lucinda Southworth has not revealed much about her profession.

Lucinda has contributed to some significant philanthropic work as a researcher and wife of one of the most influential entrepreneurs. She has equally contributed to welfare, charitable activities, and likely to her career as well.

Lucinda Southworth's Net Worth

Lucinda Southworth: All You Need To Know About The Google Genius

Since not much is known about her professional side of the identity, the net worth of Lucinda Southworth is likely to be much more than the numbers here. As a research scientist, Lucinda Southworth has a net worth of about $1 billion. It can be more, but it's implausible to be less than that.

Since she has not revealed a lot about her profession and career, it is known that she is an established research scientist. Rest is heard through the media.

Final Words

Lucinda Southworth:

Although Lucinda Southworth is not that much active in social media, she has an extensive network there. Additionally, she is involved in her social life, though not the media. She takes pride in her research career but simultaneously balances her role as a wife and partner to Larry.

The lovebirds are the parents of two amazing kids today. One was born in 2009 and the other in 2011. With such impressive role models as their parents in real life, the kids are indeed lucky. They would achieve great things in their future by following in their parents' footsteps.

Lucinda Southworth is a charismatic, elegant, and philanthropic personality. She is a complete woman who does not settle with one of the elements of academics, career, or family. Instead, she has it all and knows how to manage each efficiently. And now, the new mother is acing that role as well!