Lucifer Season 5 Release: Should The Producers Have Stopped At 4?

It’s one thing to be in a long-distance relationship but it’s a whole different ball game when your partner is in another dimension. Say, hell for instance.  Lucifer is an urban fantasy comedy-drama series born out of a collaboration between DC and Fox.


Lucifer Season 5 Release: Should The Producers Have Stopped At 4?

Lucifer hit the airways on 25 January 2016. The series is centered around the devil taking a 5-year long vacation to Earth along with his head torturer (Ally) and confidant (Mazikeen). Seems like ruling hell got a bit too boring for him. On Earth, Lucifer (the devil) has built a life for himself. He runs a nightclub (LUX) and works as a consultant to the LAPD. What’s a drama without love interests? Lucifer becomes romantically interested in the blue-eyed beauty, Detective Chloe Decker of the LAPD. Chloe, who is played by Lauren German, is a homicide detective. Lucifer and Chloe work closely together and she appears to be immune to his charms. Did we mention that Lucifer is played by none other than the beautiful Tom Ellis?

Other Lucifer cast members include Amenadiel (Lucifer’s brother), Dr. Linda Martin (Lucifer’s therapist), Ella Lopez (the LAPD forensic scientist), and Detective Daniel Espinoza (the father of Chloe’s daughter Trixie).

The Journey So Far

Lucifer Season 5 Release: Should The Producers Have Stopped At 4?

Lucifer season 1 was 13 episodes long, the last episode aired on the 25 April 2016. The season ended with Lucifer revealing to his elder brother that their father “God” had given him the task of hunting a soul that had escaped from hell in exchange for saving Chloe’s life. The escaped soul also happened to be their mother. Of course, fans were excited for season 2 because they got to see Lucifer’s mum.

Lucifer season 2 aired between September 2016 and May 2017 and ended with Lucifer getting kidnapped and waking up in the desert. This event happened right after Lucifer makes up his mind to reveal his identity to Chloe. That was quite the cliffhanger as fans were eager to know what would happen next with Deckerstar. When season 3 finally aired in October 2017, we were extremely happy and ready to binge-watch the entire thing.

Lucifer Season 5 Release: Should The Producers Have Stopped At 4?

Lucifer Season 3 ended with Chloe finally seeing Lucifer in all his glory and yes, we mean Lucifer’s devil face. This was the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers and FOX chose this season to cancel.  According to FOX, it was a rating-based decision. Fortunately for the fans of the show, Lucifer found a new home on June 15, 2018, when Netflix picked it up for a Fourth Season.

Lucifer Season 4 aired on the 8 of May 2019 with all 10 episodes dropping on Netflix outright. This time, the season didn’t end in a cliffhanger. Eve finally stopped pining over Lucifer and decided to take a trip to find herself. Maze was heartbroken by Eve’s rejection but at least she got clarity.  Amenadiel decided to stay on Earth with Linda and raise baby Charlie. Ella, on the other hand, finally regained faith in Lucifer’s dad God.

For the protagonists, Deckerstar (ship between Chloe and Lucifer) finally had their moment. They embraced their love for each other and sealed it with a kiss. However, their joy was short-lived because Lucifer had to return to hell after he realized that the prophecy about him unleashing evil with his first love was about Chloe, not Eve.

Some fans were satisfied with this ending. Lucifer and Chloe had gotten closure and he was back in hell where he belonged. The ending of Lucifer season 4 was a good place to say goodbye to the devil himself. Some viewers said the quality of the show was reducing, maintaining that season 4 didn’t contain as much humor as previous seasons. Fans concluded that quality would continue to drop with subsequent seasons.

Why Season 5?

Lucifer Season 5 Release: Should The Producers Have Stopped At 4?

Netflix, however, renewed the series for a 5th season that would be released in 2 batches, the first 8 episodes were released on 21 August 2020. Much to the joy of the fans who insisted that they weren’t ready to say goodbye just yet. These fans requested answers to a few questions like: Does Lucifer remain in hell? What becomes of Eve after she takes her trip for self-invention? Will Deckerstar finally get a happy ending? Also, the reason for Lucifer’s vulnerability around the detective is yet to be explained.

Well, Netflix calls the shots and it looks like the people rooting for more seasons have it. The show has also been renewed for a final season, Lucifer season 6. So, all we can do is sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and see what Lucifer’s latest season brings. Lucifer season 5 features Lucifer’s twin brother Michael. So, it seems like all hell is about to break loose.