Love Yourself Again In 2020

Love Yourself Again In 2020

2020 is a strange year. With the world in turmoil, it seems as if everyone is just focusing on staying healthy. Health is, however, not only a physical thing but a mental as well.

In 2020 start looking after yourself, be selfish, and focus on yourself. Start to love yourself again in 2020.

I will finally put myself first this year

Currently, we are all homebound in some way. Use this time to spend time with yourself. Do the things you love, find the things you used to love and try them again.


There is nothing wrong with spending time with yourself. Drink coffee alone. Read a book. If you are lucky enough to have access to a park or a garden, go to the garden and reflect on what makes you happy.

I will give all the love that I have to myself

Give yourself all the love that you have. You do not have to constantly spend all your love on everyone around you. You are allowed to love yourself.


Decide what you love and what you want to pursue. Do some soul searching and see what you love, what makes you happy. Work every day towards achieving those goals.

I am going to leave my past behind

Leave your past behind. You cannot change the past. So, stop worrying about it. Don't keep carrying that baggage with you.


Look forward, look at the future and the new opportunities that you have daily. There are so many positive things waiting for you if you leave your past behind you.

I will give everyone a new chance

Start fresh this year; give everyone a new chance. You are giving yourself a unique opportunity and changing your life; you should do that for other people.


Let other people see the actions that you take into improving yourself. It could perhaps inspire them to a new self.

I will not break my own heart

Through the years, everyone gets hurt, our hearts break. You can not let that heartache and pain stop you from loving again. You need to move past the pain and fix your heart if it is broken. Forgive the mistakes that you made and move on. Do not allow yourself to break your own heart.


In 2020 I will love myself

There are so many things that take up our time, something that hurt us. These are all things that we just accept in the normal course of life. This should not be the case. You don't have to get hurt or need to waste your time.

You can take time for yourself. You can take the time to heal and to love yourself. Spend today, spend the next week or month, and just look at yourself. Change what you need to change for you to love yourself.