Love Will Find You When It's Time

Love Will Find You When It’s Time

Don't be hasty to start a relationship you aren't ready for. Wait for your true love, and they will come at the right time. When that day comes, you'll meet the perfect soulmate the one you've been waiting for for so long.

Just be patient and steadfast. Because the universe is working its way out to connect you with your right partner.

When you're both ready, the universe will introduce you to each other, and your long-waiting happily-ever-after will finally come. You only need to be patient and wait for the one who knows how to treat you as you deserve.


Wait for a partner who understands all your anxieties. The one who understands when they're causing you stress. Wait for the perfect lover who'll know how to calm the storms in you.

Wait for a partner who listens to you. The one who'll look directly into your eyes when you're talking to them. Wait for that someone who'll give you all their attention.

Wait for that special someone who'll make you feel unique and loved. A lover who'll make you feel as if the two of you are living in your own perfect world.


Wait for your true love. Wait for someone who'll make you feel cared for, treasured, cherished, and safe. A lover who'll bring you comfort every time you're around them.

Wait for a love partner who'll make you live a life free of insecurities. A lover who'll make you feel wanted.

Wait for a partner who'll help you understand why your previous relationships didn't work out. Wait for that perfect lover who'll show you that everything happens for the greater good.


Wait for a lover who'll bring joy and humor into your life. The one who'll make you laugh even when you've been crying, in a dull mood, or when you're sad.

Wait for a lover who tries hard to resolve any issues in your relationship, and support you through hard situations. That person who believes in you, and will do anything to make you smile and be happy.

Wait for someone who'll not only tell you about their feelings towards you but also shows you those feeling. Wait for a truthful, consistent, and reliable partner.


Wait for a partner who doesn't play games, doesn't leave you worried and guessing. Wait for someone who'll commit to you.

Wait for a relationship where the attraction, connection, love, affection, and romance will be natural and effortless. A relationship where you'll not have to force anything. Wait for someone who meets your standards and expectations.

Wait for a partner who won't force or pressure you to become someone you don't want to be. Wait for the right partner who sees your flaws but loves you with unconditional love.


Wait for a real partner who's aware that relationships are messy and hard, but want it with you anyways. Wait for a partner who understands you are a blessing.

Wait for a lover who'll show you how to love. That someone who'll love you so much such that they'd give you the world if it were possible.