Love Thy Auntie: 7 Reasons Why Aunts Are The Best

Love Thy Auntie: 7 Reasons Why Aunts Are The Best

Goofy, yet responsible, adult, but not entirely serious – the bond between aunties and nephews and nieces can be one of the best experiences during growing up.

Parents are ok, but kids love to have someone who's a bit less serious about life. A person they can share their secrets, who doesn't treat them like children. Someone to admire and look up to - kids need their aunts!


Aunts are the cool parents

Moms and dads are ok, I guess, but aunties bring joy to every occasion. They are relaxed, chill, and they can't be as strict as parents. In fact, many kids want to see their parents be more like their auties, but then, what would aunts do?

Aunts are best babysitters

Babysitters are paid to take care of the children. Most of them are great, but it's still a job. Yet, aunts do it for free, because they love their tiny nephews and they want to take care of them.


They are parenting, but they aren't as unreasonable as the actual parents. For a kid, it's like a pajama party because aunties are more relaxed, and they won't yell you aren't in bed at 9 pm sharp.

They can have babies

You know what that means: more children to play with and to grow up with. If an aunt and a parent are close, there are huge chances that kids will take care of each other when they are adults. Often, children can get closer to auntie's kids than to their siblings.


Aunts just know stuff

From dressing up to drawing and making faces, aunts are better at everything than parents.

They are also great at keeping secrets and making a child feel like they can say anything without fear of being punished. It's hard for children to understand parents most of the time, but aunts are like half adults, half kids. And that's why they are better at doing kids' stuff.


They help kids with growing up

Most parents are doing their best to keep their kids safe, but it's not always easy for them to accept that children are growing up fast.

Girls especially can find comfort and answers in their aunts. Aunties know how to talk about boys and sex stuff without making it awkward. Or at least it's less awkward. They also talk about fashion, music, everything a mom is too busy to chat about.


Aunties are fair

You know how kids are always: "That's not fair" in response to a parent's decision? Well, aunts can help with that. A parent can be a bit too harsh (think mama bear), while auntie can provide meaningful insight into the situation.

Parents need to work with aunts because they are an outsider who loves you all unconditionally. And they will explain some things better both to a child and to a parent.


Aunts share stories

For a child, mom or dad are just that. They were never young and carefree. But a good story can change that, and aunties always have the best stories to tell.

It's a great way to create a deeper bond between family members. And it's also a way to show the kids that their parents can be just as amusing, entertaining, and playful. They weren't always so worried, and they aren't superhumans. They are merely doing their best to protect their babies.


Aunts love their nieces and nephews, and they have a lot to teach them. They have all the answers while maintaining a sense of discipline. Having an aunt in your life is a gift because they are the first connection to the outside world of adults. They can also be silly and get the best presents, but that's just a bonus.