Love Someone Who Is Equally In Love With You!

Love Someone Who Is Equally In Love With You!

You are full of love. You have a good heart that feels for others. A heart that finds good in everyone. You believe that everyone in the world knows how to love just like you do. That is where you might fall victim to a toxic relationship and end up ruining yourself.

Not Everyone Deserves Your Love

People with a good heart often fall trap to the illusion that everyone around has a pure intention. If you are such a person, then be careful. There are people ready to take advantage of you.

People will abuse your affection to feed their egos. They have unhealed traumas that will make your life a toxic mess. Toxic people believe they are entitled to love while giving nothing in return.

One of the saddest sights in the world is to see a genuine person get their heartbroken. Stay aware. Be with someone who reciprocates your love. Never be available for someone who… just isn't there for you.

Give Yourself To Someone Who Cares

Those with empty cups try to quench their thirst from the people with full cups. There's a reason they have empty cups. They only know how to take without any intention of giving back.

Such people are manipulative and can suck every ounce of affection without giving a dime back. And the funny part? They still won't ever be satisfied.

Stay away from such toxic people. Be with someone whose cup is also full, just like yours. That way, you both can have unlimited love for each other. Be with someone who cares!

Don't Fall In Love With Their Potential

People filled with love always see the best in others. They see the potential in people who can't even think of any good for themselves!

Don't fall for the potential. Stop 'healing' people. You can only heal someone who wants to be healed. If you feel that your partner isn't invested in you, just leave. Then and there.

If you find yourself begging for the love that you give away for free, just leave. Leave like a mouse who runs from cats. Never fall for their potential. A person who genuinely wants you in your life will do everything to keep you. They won't do anything that comes with a risk of losing you.

Please remember, fall in love with who they are. Not who they might be!

Prioritize The One Who Prioritizes You

Pledge yourself to be available only for those who prioritize you. Be with someone who's a positive influence. Be with someone who makes you happy. Spend time with someone who is thankful for having you in their life.
Your love deserves to be acknowledged. Be with the one who respects you. Who makes you a priority. Who makes time for you no matter how busy their schedule is.
Trust me; life is too short to waste your vibrancy on someone who is unavailable when you need them. Remember, even a good heart gets tired of helping others. Be with the one who wants to be with you too.

Your partner can make your life a beautiful melody or an ugly mess. Choose wisely. Be with the one who makes sincere efforts to keep you in their life. Be with the one who sees you in their future. Don't be with someone who takes you for granted. My friends, your love is a treasure! Share it with someone who is equally in love with you.