Love Is About Mutual Growth And Acceptance, Not About Changing Your Partner

Love Is About Mutual Growth And Acceptance, Not About Changing Your Partner

When two people who genuinely care for and love each other come together in a relationship, only good things should happen. One thing this genuine love definitely isn't about is asking your partner to change for you.

A person who truly loves you will love you for who you really are; the good and the not-so-great alike. This person will understand and appreciate the fact that you are a whole package.

Mutual respect and acceptance define true love

Your partner will respect you for the person you are. They will not try to ignore your flaws, but will instead accept that they are all a part of the person you are. They will choose to appreciate the strengths in their partner and not focus on their weaknesses.

Two people who genuinely love each other will not get into a relationship with a list of expectations and conditions. They don't come in with their preconceived notions about how the relationship should work out, and a list of ridiculous do's and don'ts that their partner has to conform to if they want to keep the relationship going.

A genuine relationship is not founded on the need to "fix" your partner because true love does not see broken. When other people see broken, flawed, and imperfect, true love sees strengths and potential for growth.

Too many people spend too much of their lives trying to fix up the person they are in a relationship with. Unfortunately, even if it comes from a good place and it's done with the best intentions in mind, trying to change your partner is selfish and never ends well. Why? Simply because that is not how true love works.

If you find yourself always trying to change your partner or trying to make them "better," it's just you saying, without actually having to say it, that they are not good enough for you.

True love is not about perfection or being with someone perfect

True love is about doing your best to love an imperfect person as perfectly as you possibly can. Best believe that if you feel the need to change your partner, then you are not really in love with them. You are in love with the idea of the person you think they can become.

Love that is true and genuine is about mutual acceptance

If you love someone, you will appreciate and accept them with all their flaws and imperfections and not demanding them to change to suit your idea of "perfect" or "right."

With the support and love of a caring partner, mutual growth is inevitable. You will inspire and encourage yourself to be better people. You won't have to demand change from each other, but with the nurturing of each other's love, you will see yourselves slowly morph into the best versions of yourselves. True love doesn't force or demand, it inspires.

You may spend so much of your time and effort trying to change your partner and find yourself faced with one of two realities. One is that they won't change and that may leave you feeling resentful towards your partner, taking the joy out of your relationship. Secondly, they may change, only for you to realize that they are now too different and you don't feel the same way about this "new" person. It's an absolute loose-loose.

True love isn't about changing your partner. It's about mutual respect and acceptance

If and when they do change, it will be out of their volition and inspired by the mutual growth that comes from having a healthy and fulfilling relationship.