Love Horoscope: What Does "I Love You" Mean For Each Sign

Love Horoscope: What Does "I Love You" Mean For Each Sign

A love horoscope is supposed to give you a general idea of what to expect from your partner. It's not 100 percent accurate, but no one can deny that there isn't some truth.

I love you - two big words, which can completely change the lives of two people. When you hear "I love you" from your loved one, you feel like you are swimming through a sea of ecstasy.

However, people often say big words in moments of love madness. Sometimes it's better to take other people's words with a grain of salt. Let's get straight to the point - on what basis is love declared?

Let's see what your love horoscope has to say about it:


An enthusiastic person, like an Aries, can say everything in a moment of ecstasy...and they later forget it. Like a statement of love.

Don't blame your lovable, stubborn Aries, it's all about their love horoscope, though there is such thing as free will.

You'll do well if you don't take it too seriously and don't start creating grandiose plans. We don't want to make you doubt the sincerity of your Aries partner, on the contrary.

You can tell him anything you want, but don't ever lie. Just as there are insects in nature that live only one day, there are horoscope signs that fall in love for only a week!


If you're expecting to hear two big words from a Taurus - be prepared to wait! You'll struggle until you hear them.

But once he expresses them, he'll never withdraw his words, and that will be the culmination of your love story. He'll say them from the bottom of his heart, honestly. It's proof that good things are worth waiting for.

Taurus, like Aries, isn't easy to live with, but according to their love horoscope, they are quite loveable.


He told you he loves you? Ask him to sign it for you, just in case! If you remind him of his words, don't be surprised if you get the answer: "Did I say that? Really? When?".

Remember the place, time, and what exactly he said before and after Gemini declared love. Confront them with those details; maybe they'll remember the words, which they so skillfully made sure to "forget."

Remember the following: Gemini is a handsome and funny character, and you'll never be bored in their company. They'll make your life filled with surprises. But they're not necessarily always pleasant!


If a Cancer has told you that he loves you, know that he means it. Even if he still doesn't think so, he'll start soon. It may happen to tell you a little too early that he loves you.

But that doesn't mean that you should doubt it. Relax and enjoy, Cancer is the type of person who enjoys being in relationships. Well, at least according to their love horoscope.

It comes as no surprise since this is supposed to be one of the most family-oriented signs in the Zodiac. Yet, there are always surprises.


Leo is a serious player and doesn't spill words just like that. When it comes to a declaration of love, he or she surrenders the most precious thing - their heart.

They'll do it with full awareness, seriously and formally. That's quite enough for the "recipient" of this love confession to feel extremely honored.

The conclusion that follows - it's forbidden to doubt their words! And don't think about asking for more reassurances. Accept it and show them your gratitude.


Virgos do everything with certainty, and when they say "I love you," after a lot of thinking, you can be entirely sure of their words.

They'll not say it quickly. These words have significant importance for them. They'll never withdraw their words, even after long and painful thinking, or exceed the limits of their patience. Or even when they realize that your relationship isn't what they expected and wanted.

Virgos are quite tricky to understand when it comes to romance. Their career paths are usually quite clear, but their love horoscope is a mess.


For Libra, the most beautiful part of a relationship is when they share sweet words and tender gestures with a loved one.

As soon as deeper feelings are produced from that, Libra will immediately announce that to everyone. The only question is whether they feel that way already. In essence, they're not in love only with you, but also with love itself.

Since they are a bit of a narcissist by nature, their "I love you" hides the sequel - "but I love myself a little more." Don't worry; it won't affect your relationship. You'll enjoy your time together!

Learn from Libra: we all should love ourselves a tiny bit more.


For Scorpio, love is a longing for unity that completely overwhelms them and follows them throughout their lives.

For them, love is a supreme feeling worthy of every sacrifice; They know how to express love, and they understand it better in a physical way.

Intimacy helps them find and understand the unknown; they cross physical barriers that endlessly fascinate them. No wonder intimacy with a partner is of great importance in their lives.

It's a way for them to connect the human with the spiritual.

Scorpios still have to learn that love is giving and surrendering; pleasure in love should be mutual.


When Sagittarius tells you these big words, you'll probably ask yourself if you heard it right! Are they acting irresponsibly? You didn't threaten to beat them? Are they aware of their words? If it's true, then - congratulations!

You've experienced something that few have the opportunity to experience. You'll have a sweet story for your grandchildren one day.

But never tie Sagittarius to yourself. If you want to, do it discreetly, otherwise, one day, they may feel trapped and try to get away from you!


Capricorn believes that big words are nothing compared to actions, how they actually show their true feelings. The same thing is with the words "I love you."

They'll analyze you and put you under the microscope if you ask them why he is so stingy on sweet talk. If they say these two big words, know that they are 100% sure of their feelings.

Remember that they have already shown you in many ways how much they love you, which is admirable even if you don't believe in love horoscopes.


Aquarius belongs to the kind of people you have to extract declarations of love from their mouths. In the best case, if you ask them if they love you, the answer will be, "Well ... of course."

Consider that as a diplomatic response, which will not symbolize the stability of your relationship. Aquarius loves freedom.

They like the feeling that they can get away anytime, even though, in their soul, they may want to be in a relationship forever. When it comes to those two big words, an Aquarius has no problem saying them to their friends. But, their love horoscope is all about not being tied down.


When there's no love and sweet conversations between two people in a relationship, this sign of the Zodiac feels like - a fish without water! They can't survive there.

They'll use the first opportunity to tell you that they love you. They want to say it, but also to hear it, over and over again.

And won't get bored. However, Pisces can be an unpredictable sign. It can happen that one morning they get up and tell you that there's no love anymore.

Pisces can show a tendency to move from one partner to another, always searching for true love and deeper meanings. However, they can be faithful and attached to their ideals.

Love horoscope is excellent for understanding the first dates and the early stages of a relationship. Yet, once you get to know a person honestly, when you see their unique nature, you can still tease them about their sign's weaknesses.

Unless you're a Virgo or Aquarius. Maybe even Pieces or Aries. Oh, well, enjoy love, the rest will follow!