Love, From The Eyes Of A Narcissist

Love, From The Eyes Of A Narcissist

A narcissist's "I love you" is very different from a regular person's. The only thing they truly love is their ability to manipulate others into making them feel happy. Yep, they can't even love themselves.

Narcissists Love How Easily They Can Exploit Your Generosity, Kindness And Compassion

That gives them more pleasure than you can imagine.


They love nothing more than to make you feel inferior to them. They want everyone around them to feel small and insignificant.

When You Are A Complete Emotional Wreck, A Narcissist Will Be Delighted

The craziness, emotional, and vulnerable state you have makes you a perfect person to a narcissist because it means you are gullible, innocent, and easy to exploit.


Narcissists love that they can gaslight you and use other tricks on you to bend you to their will. They love that they can make you full of self-doubt to the point of questioning your own sanity. It is a pure delight for them when they can make you feel "crazy" when you try to tell them things they couldn't care less about if they tried.

The only person a narcissist truly cares about is themselves. The rest are on their own, no matter how much they try to do for them.


In a relationship with this person, you will have to carry your burdens and theirs too. They can show a little concern, but only if it makes you care more about them.

Narcissists Love It When Your Life Is All About Them

When you are solving their problems and helping them overcome various challenges in life, they will love it for sure.


The fact that it's so easy for you to focus entirely on healing their pain makes them very happy. They don't give a damn about your pain, and no matter what you do, they will never be satisfied with what you do for them.

A narcissist loves seeing you as their trophy, a possession they can use for their own amusement. They love that you make other people respect them more and recognize them. You are an achievement to them, and they really love that.


Feeding Their Egos Makes Them Feel Loved

Their sense of self-worth literally depends on you, and they live for the attention you give them. What they love even more is their ability to make you work hard to prove that you love and are devoted to them.

Narcissists love the feeling they get when around you. Through you, they can love themselves because your dedication to their wellbeing makes them feel worthy of the love that even they don't believe they deserve.


At Heart, Narcissists Hate Themselves

That is why they cannot love another. But making others love them is their greatest achievement, and it really feeds their oversized egos.

A narcissist also loves that it's easy to criticize you and speak ill of everything you care about. They can attack anything you love, including your family, religion, and friends.


Narcissists love how they can make you feel worthless. They want you to accept that staying with them is a huge favor to you, even though it might be the biggest mistake of your life.