Love Can Leave You With One Hell Of A Hangover

Love Can Leave You With One Hell Of A Hangover

Some of us know all too well the repercussions of a night out, inclusive of one too many adult beverages incurring an elevated BAC. At the moment it seems like one of the best times of our lives until the morning when the alcohol has come and gone through our system and left quite the mark on our mental and physical well being…you know, like love.

When a romance exits our life, similar to alcohol they were our choice of poison to consume.

Consequently, when we consume ourselves in excess we endure withdrawals. Hence the popular feeling is known as "the hangover." The common symptoms are inclusive of fatigue, weakness, thirst, dry mouth, headaches, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, decreased sleep, increased sensitivity to light or sound, dizziness, and shakiness. Ring a bell?

The process of a break up can mimic these symptoms as well.

The body becomes engulfed by the incessant aches of fatigue that a fresh heartache bears. That rapid heartbeat was once associated with an enchanting feeling you wanted to last forever. Now it has transformed into a pounding ache that you wish you were ignorant to.

You feel your soul is weakened to the point that leaving the bed is out of the question. Losing a love leaves one parched from relaying feelings until the mouth becomes as dry as cotton. Nothing aids this. Guzzling a tall drink of water simply just conjures nausea. Next thing you know, you are on your knees, dry heaving trying to regurgitate the words from your lips through the tears in your best attempt to salvage this love you so desperately want to cling to.

You adapt increase sensitivity to every song that plays and suddenly every lyric seems to taunt you with the memory of them. Every saved video of their laugh, voicemails where every goodbye was followed by, "I love you." Hours pass and the sun sets, yet the hangover lingers. Fighting to muffle echoing pains from the heart's wailing tears behind your ribs with a cage that didn't protect you from this stabbing pain in your chest.

Trying to piece together how the relationship got here can leave you dizzy, shaking, and with a pounding headache crafted from the devil himself. In these moments, we pray to never feel like this again. As much as we repeatedly vow that this is the last time…we will reach for that bottle of poison we call love every time. You are hungover, darling, and you will be again.