Lose The Trauma Doing Nothing Using Yoga Nidra

Lose The Trauma Doing Nothing Using Yoga Nidra

You can get rid of your deep-seated traumas by doing absolutely nothing. And believe it or not, this is harder than it sounds. Your lifelong instincts will fight against your attempt to do nothing.

Throughout life, when we face trauma, we feel the need to "deal with it" by taking charge of our lives. You know, to keep it from getting the better of us.

But still, others get overwhelmed by the pain of their trauma and can hardly keep it together.

Ironically, this brilliant new remedy calls for an attempt to give up control without getting overwhelmed in order to get in touch with your purest self.

Deep down, you are whole, peaceful, and able to heal. That is the part of your yoga Nidra tries to help you reach so you can find the perspective and the motivation to heal your pain.

What's Nidra Yoga?

First of all, this is a tantric form of yoga, which means it is based on hypnosis.

In Sanskrit, the word nidra means sleep.

Based on that, the yoga technique entails relinquishing your conscious thoughts and relaxing yourself in order to fall asleep.

At the end of the session, you should feel balanced, restored, and peaceful. The stresses of the day, which compound the effects of trauma, should be gone by then, and that's the idea here.

As you know, when you are anxious or stressed, relaxing is one of the hardest things you can do. There are a million thoughts running through your head, and you feel not at ease with everything.

This restlessness makes traditional forms of yoga incredibly difficult.

With your body being so aroused by the negative emotions of trauma stirring in you, getting some much-needed sleep and rest becomes almost impossible.

Insomnia is one of the things traumatized people have to deal with regularly.

Trauma Runs Deep

It affects your mental, emotional, physical, and even your spiritual wellbeing. It's like a disease that tries to devour every part of your being.

The energy you have in your body is tainted and turned into unbearable tension.

You cannot let it out because your energy flow channels are all blocked or broken.

That is where nidra yoga comes in.

With this deep and hypnotic meditation technique, you can reach several aspects of your being and release the tension slowly by slowly so that your thoughts, your spirit, your emotions, and your energy system are cleansed of the toxicity trauma causes.

This tension builds up throughout your life in all the layers of your being. So, unless you let it go, you will take it with you wherever you go.

The problem is that the negativity trauma brings into your life taints everything around you until it feels like you are perennially unlucky wherever you go.

Whether at work or at home, you lack peace and see negativity all around.

Fortunately, the nervous system holds the key to recovery. By coaxing it into getting into a parasympathetic state, it can slowly cleanse your body of negative emotions and help release the built-up tension it has been holding throughout your life.

While understanding the reason you are in pain is important, knowing how to get rid of it is more important.

How Do You Do Nothing?

You have to stop fighting against the pain you feel. That is what makes you suffer because you are fighting something that is within you. It's like you are fighting yourself, and that's bad.

So, do nothing. Fundamentally, you are not supposed to harbor any pain in your mind, emotions, heart, or soul. So, by managing to put your body into its purest basic state, everything that doesn't belong will simply go away.

With Nidra yoga, your body will be restored to a pure state that rids it of all the negativity and tension that has built up over the years due to trauma. That is how you heal doing absolutely nothing because your body and spirit know their right state. All you have to do is step back and give it a chance to do its thing using Nidra yoga.