Lori Loughlin Is In Prison, And Her Daughters Are Struggling

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One month after Full House star reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, Loughlin's daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose Giannulli are not coping well.

Their father is also in prison since November 19. Mossimo Giannulli reported to a federal prison in Lompoc, Santa Barbara. He will serve five months on two fraud charges. Lori Loughlin will serve two months for conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.

Varsity Blues college admission scandal

The actress and designer husband are among famous parents involved in one of the biggest college admission scandals ever. There are two sides to every story, especially when you're doing something for your kid.

Giannulli and Loughlin wanted their kids to enroll at the University of Southern California. Instead of teaching their daughters to work harder and be better, they tried the age-old trick - bribery.

Let's be fair: many people will continue to use money and power to get whatever they want. But, in cases like this, it's humiliating for the kids, yet they were old enough to understand that they can't get near the college without someone breaking the law.

Sources close to Olivia, 21, and Isabella,22, say that they can't wait to have their mom home in December. The same source says they are "beyond worried."

One has to wonder: do they feel guilty about the scandal, or are they really as innocent as their parents claim them to be? Furthermore, did they all, as a family, learn a lesson?

Daughters are "very distraught"

E! News reported that the young women feel "very distraught" and believe that the upcoming holiday season will be very different.

Yes, that happens when your parents end up in federal prisons.

The sources explained:

"The girls were there saying their goodbyes before Lori headed off. It was a big moment for their family and everyone was very upset. Although the girls knew it was coming and have had time to prepare, it's still devastating to see their mom go."

"Both Olivia and Bella are very distraught over it. They are grateful it is for only two months but are anxious knowing they will have a very different and hard holiday season this year."

While the parents are struggling in prison, the daughters are struggling on the outside.

Let this be a lesson to everyone keen on taking shortcuts. Surely, many children will get jobs or college acceptance due to connections and power. But, some will face public humiliation and scrutiny, like Olivia and Isabela.

What's even worse, those who go unpunished will destroy another child's future. It's a vicious circle, and Lori Loughlin's daughters should be grateful their parents got light sentences.

Giving your kid a push can be a good thing. Doing things instead of them is making them feel useless. And buying things for them will make it harder to understand how the world works.