"Look In The Mirror": Nate Burleson Praised For "Savage" Response To Amber Heard's Lawyer Elaine Bredehoft

'look In The Mirror': Nate Burleson Praised For 'savage' Response To Amber Heard's Lawyer Elaine Bredehoft

After his brutal response to Amber Heard's lawyer Elaine Bredehoft went viral Nate Burleson was hailed online.

After an arduous battle, Johnny Depp has finally emerged victorious and has been cleared of all the charges filed against him by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

And the decision of the court has been hailed all around the world — by both men and women — as men also suffer domestic abuse, and it is not every day they get to win such lawsuits.

Heard's lawyer, however, believes the court didn't uphold the law and the Aquaman actress is ready to appeal the verdict.

'look In The Mirror': Nate Burleson Praised For 'savage' Response To Amber Heard's Lawyer Elaine Bredehoft

During a recent appearance on the CBS Morning show — alongside former NFL player Nate Burleson — Elaine Bredehoft revealed that Heard intends to appeal the verdict of her controversial defamation case against Depp.

But Burleson gave her a brutal response.

Burleson's 'savage' remark to Bredehoft came after she outlined why she thought the jury favored Depp.

The Virginia-based lawyer claimed that pro-Depp supporters heavily influenced the case.

She argued that due to the massive social media support showered on the Pirates of the Caribbean star as well as the presence of Depp's fans in the courtroom, the jury's decision was biased.

She insisted:

"We had cameras in the courtroom."

"Here, we had not only did… we have a group of Depp fans that were there every day, 100 were allowed in."

"They lined up at one in the morning for wristbands to be in that courtroom, but we had everything on camera, and we had tremendous social media that was very, very, very much against Amber."

"I think that there were a lot of influences here that were beyond our control. And I think the social media, it was like a Roman coliseum, is the best way to describe the atmosphere here."

But co-host Burleson responded to Bredehoft's claims by offering insights from his football career.

He said:

"I am a former NFL player, and after a hard loss, it's easy to wake up and point to the other side."

"Oftentimes, I realized (that) the better thing to do was to look in the mirror. What mistakes did I make as a player? What mistakes did our coaching staff made [sic]? And then how can we improve from there."

Burleson was polite enough to point out to Bredehoft that maybe it was her legal team's shortcomings that they lost the case.

He told Bredehoft that she should look into herself and her legal team instead of pointing fingers at others.

While various videos of the show capture Bredehoft confounded by Burleson's questions, in reality, Bredehoft praised his point of view before responding.

And Burleson's response has since won the hearts of the internet.

Twitter praised Burleson for his "savage" response: