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Look Forward To Good Times With A Boozy Slush Puppie

Look Forward To Good Times With A Boozy Slush Puppie

Many of us like to relax with our favorite tipple now and again. It helps us to unwind and relax and is a wonderful treat when you do it in moderation.

There are lots of different alcoholic drinks you can choose from these days. This includes everything from beer and ale to wines, spirits, and liqueurs.

You can also get really creative and make a wide range of delicious cocktails. If you have a slush puppie machine, this includes being able to make refreshing boozy slush puppie cocktails.


A Fabulous Choice For Summer

Many of us will remember those days of going out to enjoy slush puppies in the summer when we were kids. Well, you can make your very own slush puppies with a slush puppie machine.

What's more, you can add a special twist by adding the spirit of your choice. This makes for a wonderfully refreshing boozy tipple for those sizzling summer afternoons and evenings.

look forward to good times with a boozy slush puppie

What You Need To Buy

In order to create the perfect boozy slush puppie drinks, you need to invest in a number of items. So, let's take a look at what you will need:

A Slush Puppie Machine

If you do not already own one, you will need a slush puppie machine for your boozy frozen cocktails. There are various slush puppie and slushie machines you can choose from.


By going online, you can get some great deals on this appliance. Make sure you check out reviews of the machines before you make your purchase.

Ice And Salt

You need very few ingredients to create boozy slush puppies, which is good news. So, you won't need to spend much money at this stage.

Two key ingredients you need are ones that you probably already have at home. This includes table salt and ice.


Syrups For Your Slush Puppies

You also need to get fruity syrup for your slush puppies to give them their delicious taste and vibrant color. There are various flavor options you can choose with the common ones being blue raspberry and red cherry.

Alcoholic Tipple Of Your Choice

Finally, you need to invest in some alcoholic drinks to add to your slush puppies. This is what will enable you to create fantastic boozy frozen cocktails.


You can choose whatever tipples you prefer or the ones you already have at home. Some popular ones include vodka, gin, and tequila among others.

Relax And Enjoy

Once you have mastered the art of creating a boozy slush puppie, you can look forward to having fun. You will also be able to kick back and relax with a fabulous cocktail this summer.