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Long-Distance Friendship Lamp For All Of Us Who Moved Away From Home

Long-distance Friendship Lamp For All Of Us Who Moved Away From Home

This lamp will light up every time your best friend or beloved family member touches it, to remind you that you will never be aloneā€¦

Work, starting a new family, things happen, and we have to move on with our lives in different places.

It's not hard to lose touch, despite all the social media networks. And sometimes you don't feel like talking, but you still want to know what's your best friend up to.


Long-distance friendship is hard to maintain but not impossible. And we do need every little help we can get. From Viber and WhatsApp to sending handwritten letters, there's another new gadget that is a great way to stay connected.

A long-distance friendship lamp comes in pair. You and your friend get one each and then connected via WiFi. When you're thinking of them, just touch them, and it will light up all across the world. It is a cute reminder that your friend is thinking of you or wants to wish you good night or good luck. Whatever it may be, this isn't a product that you have to have, but it's a great goodbye present if one of you is moving away.

long-distance friendship lamp for all of us who moved away from home

You can buy the lamps from the Uncommon Goods website for 170 USD for a set of two. However, what about a group of friends? There's a solution for it as well.

You can additionally get another lamp for 85 USD and stay connected with a whole group of friends. Though it's not as intimate and personal as something you'd only share with your BFF, it's a great way to stay connected with college buddies or even your family members. Each one of you needs a lamp, and there is no limit to how many lights you can add to your group.


The long-distance friendship lamp has over 1000 reviews, and the reviews are glowing. So are the lamps, and you can pick the color of the light.

The popularity of this lamp produced another, improved, long-distance friendship lamp, also from Uncommon Goods. The pricier version is made from wood, and it comes with tiny yet sweet changes.

You can assign colors, so each person gets their own distinctive hue. It's possible to mix and match the newer versions with the original design, too. The price for a set is 198 USD, while a single one costs 99.


Our suggestion: get this lamp for your workplace. It's a place where using the phone is frowned upon and having someone remind you that they care will help you, especially in a new environment. Every relationship needs a little light, both figuratively and literally!