LOL Video Collection - Episode One

Lol Video Collection – Episode One

We get it, COVID-19 is here and it's not messing around. We totally need the quarantine to keep the fast-spreading virus in check.

But some people are taking things a little too far, especially with their crazy desire to hoard toilet paper to get through the quarantine.

Check these LOL videos highlighting the sobering yet hilarious realities of life in the quarantine days.

1. Toilet Paper "Roll"

It's happening guys, desperate times call for desperate measures; and with no loss in sense of humor, fortunately.

Necessity, which as you know is the mother of all invention, has struck folks hard during a time when toilet paper is worth its weight in gold.

With empty shelves in stores, many people have turned to the black market to secure their supply of toilet paper.

But some more creative guys have found a way to get the supply they need from public bathroom supplies using a hand drill.

It's certainly hilarious, but I'm not sure this is for everyone.

2. Toilet Paper Math For Hoarders

How many sheets of toilet paper do you use every time you go to the bathroom?

As it turns out, some people totally got their math wrong.

According to the totally reasonable calculations, this dad has done, some people need to do number two nearly 200 times a day to use up their entire toilet paper stock during the 14-day quarantine.

Even with a terrible runs over the two-week period, that is still too much toilet paper to hoard.

I agree with this smart dad, "let's all calm down."

3. Here's How It's Gonna Be

This lady clearly sums everything that's going to happen as people are locked up with nowhere to go.

It will be all about sitting around, cooking, eating, and getting fat. Sounds like a pretty reasonable if not the only plan, considering these are pretty much the only options we have.

4. Sharing Is Caring (About Your Survival)

Shelves are cleared in stores, and empty supermarket isles are a common sight as mass panic makes people stock up on foods and other supplies they need to get through the quarantine.

And it makes sense.

But a disappointed shopper found the answer to his fruitless shopping expedition in the generosity of a fellow shopper who was more than willing to share whatever was in the shopping cart.

For this shopper, sharing was a greater survival move than having the items necessary to stay fed during the quarantine.

5. Johnny, The Devil, And The Last Roll Of Toilet Paper

Some poetry to get you through the quarantine.

The last roll of toilet paper at Walmart has to be shared between Johnny and the Devil. And as you can imagine, the showdown is not pretty.

This beautiful poetry is not for the easily grossed out. Disclaimer: a taste for toilet jokes required.

The devil is in stall one, and Johnny is in stall two.

The freedom to walk around as we once did may be gone, but our sense of humor is clearly not lost. If anything, it may have taken another dimension, and hoarding toilet paper is smack in the middle of it.