Logan Paul's Wrestlemania Performance Leaves Fans Seriously Impressed

Logan Paul's Wrestlemania Performance Leaves Fans Seriously Impressed

Logan Paul, the famous YouTuber who turned into a boxer before turning into a wrestler, impressed his fans with his official WWE debut during this year's Wrestlemania.

His fans must have been worried about what might become of the outspoken fighter after he decides to turn into a wrestler.

Nevertheless, Logan has pleasantly surprised people with his excellent boxing performance against Floyd Mayweather.

It seems like Logan is done with boxing and wants to get into professional wrestling.

Before Wrestlemania 38, in Texas, Paul took on Rey and Dom Mysterio. His performance was "pretty decent" by most people's standards, who didn't expect that he would do well as he did.

Wrestlemania is the biggest wrestling occasion of the year, and this time, it took place on the 2nd of April. Logan was in a tag-team match with The Miz against Ray Mysterio and his son.

His victory against the seasoned team was a shocking surprise. This was the reason his partner, The Miz, turned against him.

All in all, Logan did not seem out of place. He seemed to handle the theatrics and the athletic demands of WWE quite well.

Logan even managed to pull off a decent Frog Splash.

Bryan Alvarez, a wrestling writer, tweeted that there was no denying that Logan Paul was a "total natural" during the match, even if not everyone might love him.

His brother Jake Paul was also quite proud of Logan's performance. He was especially happy that his brother had won.

DJfromNY, a podcaster, also had nothing but praise for Logan's performance. He wrote that Logan had "killed" it during the night's event and went on to add:

"He may actually be better than Bad Bunny was last year #WrestleMania. Miz and Paul beat the Mysterio's. Make them the f***ing tag team champions."

A lot of fans were happy with Logan's performance, and one of them said it was hard to believe that this was the first wrestling match Logan Paul had taken part in. The fan claimed that Paul looked great during the match.

According to another Twitter user, Logan Paul was more impressive than Bad Bunny. This person went on to echo a sentiment many people had about Logan's performance by calling him a "natural."

A third person claimed that Logan was great and ready to turn into a superstar. According to a fourth fan, it would be great to see him in another match or even a signed wrestling contract.

Logan said he would "probably" go full-time in the WWE when he talked to talkSPORT before the match started.

He went on to say that if he were going to have continued involvement in the WWE, he would try to introduce new things.

Logan said that he was an innovator and was always willing to introduce new ideas because he is a creative person. That is why he would love to be more involved behind the scenes, hopefully with Vince's support.

So, Logan would be perfectly fine being more involved in wrestling, but it would have to make sense about his schedule.

The famous star explained that he was a pretty busy man, so he had to be so careful about the things that took up his energy and time. This, he explained, was what had happened with boxing, which he tried out, loved, and eventually devoted himself to.