Livid Motorists Drag Insulate Britain Protesters Out Of The Street So An Ambulance Can Get Through

Angry motorists had to drag Insulate Britain protesters off the road to make way for an ambulance. The group has been protesting against the government's climate change policies in the past few weeks.

They aim to make the government offer home insulation in social housing. Their protests have included putting up roadblocks throughout England.

However, the morality of their cause has come under criticism by people trying to go about their daily lives. The fact that a protester stormed off Good Morning Britain did not help their reputation either.

Video footage has also emerged showing enraged motorists dragging Insulate Britain protesters off the road in Wandsworth Bridge in London. The group was in the way of an ambulance, which had been stuck in traffic because the protesters were blocking the way.

Paramedics and members of the public had to drag them off the road. In the clip, a driver can be heard saying:

"There's an ambulance, you stupid pr*ck, get out of the road."

In another video footage, a woman was seen begging the protesters to allow her to pass so she could visit her elderly mother:

"She's in the ambulance, she's going to the hospital in Canterbury... I need to go to the hospital, please let me pass. This isn't okay... how can you be so selfish?"

On that day, four protests took place. In this particular demonstration, 50 people were involved.

The group has been protesting for a couple of weeks to force the government to insulate 29 million homes by the year 2030.

Later, Insulate Britain made a statement about the videos saying they "share the frustration of the people being delayed on the roads." The group explained that the protests would end as soon as the government promised to insulate homes throughout the country.

As far as the group is concerned, the protesters are just "more scared about the destruction of their country than they are of fines or a six-month sentence."