Live In Chiang Mai And Enjoy An Affordable And Relaxing Lifestyle

Chiang Mai is the capital of the province of the same name and the main city of northern Thailand. It is the second largest city in the country after Bangkok. The city, which is surrounded by dense greenery, has grown rapidly, but it has managed to maintain a delightful and friendly charm. It offers many opportunities for residents and vacationers. Is it convenient to buy an apartment in Thailand? What are the opportunities for living in Chiang Mai? Let's find out.

Life In Chiang Mai

Moving around Chiang Mai is much easier than in Bangkok. The big advantage of the city is that shopping malls, markets, schools, entertainment centers, restaurants, and bars are scattered everywhere. Even though Chiang Mai is far from the central part of Thailand, intercity transport links are well-developed here – there are bus terminals, a railway station, and an international airport. It does not matter which district you choose to live in, but the number of real estate offers in Chiang Mai is significantly less than in other cities. One of the most significant advantages of Chiang Mai for us is the climate, it is much milder here than in the southern part of Thailand. Unlike the hustle and bustle of big cities, Chang Mai represents a relaxed lifestyle, most suitable for pensioners or those who prefer a calm atmosphere, leisurely walks, and relaxing beach holidays.

Districts Of Chiang Mai

Nimmanhaemin Road is especially popular. There are many co-working spaces. It attracts many digital nomads and those who want to be in a lively environment. Many new apartments have appeared here in recent years. The district is located near Chiang Mai University. It has a stylish and cheerful atmosphere. Most places are easy enough to walk to, and public buses also run through the area.

Few people live in Old Town. The available real estate offers are presented in minimal numbers and it is more expensive. There are a lot of places for walking, but shopping malls, places for recreation, and international schools are located outside the area and require getting by transport or car.

Mae Rim and Nam Phre in Hong Dong district are popular remote areas. It is a district located just north of Chiang Mai city in northern Thailand. Here you will find real estate that will be cheaper and more spacious. The downside is that you will need your transportation. Your access to restaurants and amenities may be more limited.

San Sai is especially unique because it has a very rural feel to it, despite still technically being in Chiang Mai. It is a refreshing change of pace from the city. San Sai has so many wonderful restaurants and shops, so you have the opportunity to communicate with locals and assimilate to the culture more quickly. It is nice to have that option readily available, while also being close enough to the city that you can meet other tourists and travelers.

Chiang Mai For Children

Families with children who have chosen Chiang Mai as something transitional between a large metropolis and a provincial town are here. Chiang Mai has a civilization with the resulting details and natural, secluded corners. Families with children enjoy parks, restaurants with children's corners, and shopping malls with a skating rink and a roller drome. Several international schools have been established here. There is Paduden school, which is similar to the Green School in Bali, only in Thai style.

What Kind Of Real Estate Is Represented In Chiang Mai?

Another factor to consider is the type of property you are looking for. Real estate in Chiang Mai ranges from small studios and modern apartments to spacious apartments. Villas and detached houses are also available. Sometimes it is located in gated communities. Since foreigners cannot fully own Thai land plots. It is necessary to consider renting property. As for prices, you can find properties in Chiang Mai from UAS 60,000 or THB 2,000,000.

Chiang Mai also has quality nursing homes. These resort-type organizations offer a full range of care services, friendly and hospitable service, excellent medical care, and low prices, especially compared to Western countries. Ban Sabai Village, Care Resort Chiang Mai, and Baanlalisa Nursing Home are three examples of independent aged care facilities in Chiang Mai.

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