Little Boy Shows How He Uses Plastic Bottles To Catch Fish And Gets 17 Million Views

Little Boy Shows How He Uses Plastic Bottles To Catch Fish And Gets 17 Million Views

Every once in a while, the internet will be treated to some valuable content, like this clever way to catch fish by tapping into one of the most abundant resources on Earth—plastic bottles.

This video has already been seen almost 18 million times, showing how easy and cost-effective it can be to create your fishing gear out of recycled materials. It's an ingenious way to not only get free food but also to help clean up the oceans at the same time!

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Pro Fish Hunter, a YouTube channel devoted to fishing, uploaded this video. It turns out that the youngster quickly became popular online. The 8-minute video is nothing more than a confidence crash course.

Even though he is only a child, the young boy has impressive skills in everything he does. The boy in this video just fishes in the river with just a few sticks and some empty Coke bottles.

If one were to observe, the boy was also using some type of dough putty. Anyone skilled at fishing would know that worms and small fish are the most common types of bait used by anglers.

The little boy moved to put up the fishing lines after wrapping the dough around the hooks.

An Impressive Young Man Uses Bottles And Sticks To Catch Fish

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His skills come into play at this point. The little boy starts by unwinding his fishing line from his collection of Coke bottles.

To ensure that he has secured the bottles, he further inserts them into the sticks. The young man's professionalism is evident to everyone.

That he is so skilled at such a young age is quite remarkable. Not to mention, he has quite great instincts as well!

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This child had different ideas when others would be waiting for fish beside the water. He just leaves his fishing lines in place.

The young man returns three hours later. He finds more extended fishing lines and a few tilted sticks this time. He doesn't touch the lines once again till it catches some fish.

This means that some fish may have become entangled on the stick. Then, he starts tugging and spooling his fishing lines to see the day's catch.

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Naturally, the commentators on this video were shocked to see the young toddler reeling in fish. According to one comment, excellent skill but far more is this amazing young man:

"He has remarkable strength and is already a fantastic fisherman at such a young age. I know he would succeed in life, so keep up the good work."

Then another commenter said:

"Kid, I wish I had the drive and patience this little boy had when I was growing up. This boy is incredible."