Little Boy, 8, Celebrates After Beating Rare Stage 4 Brain Cancer

Little Boy, 8, Celebrates After Beating Rare Stage 4 Brain Cancer

The story of little Cameron Scott teaches us that giving up is never an option.

This brave 8-year-old boy went through so much in his short life, and to everyone's surprise, the little "hero" beat stage 4 brain cancer.

Kids are less likely to be diagnosed with cancers as compared to adults. However, this doesn't discount the fact that this chronic illness is still the leading cause of death amongst children and adolescents in the US.

According to the latest statistics, more than 11,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, and thousands of kids die of the disease each year. With this overwhelming number, cancer can be a severe and threatening disease that you'd not wish on anyone.

Like many illnesses, brain cancer can be managed, especially with today's advanced technologies. Many revolutionary cancer treatments are available today, thanks to continuous research on how it works.

A few years back, Cameron Scott fell down the stairs and was brought to the hospital after complaining about back pain.

As part of the assessment, doctors asked him to undergo an MRI to check if he was seriously injured from the fall.

They thought it was just a simple pain from the fall, but it turned out to be a rare brain tumor known as medulloblastoma (cancer that spreads from the brain to the spinal cord).

According to Wendell, Cameron's supportive dad, being a parent of a brain cancer patient isn't for the faint-hearted. You have to wear a brave face, not just for yourself but for your child as well.

Wendell recalled:

"I'm dad, and I have to be strong for everybody. I just felt we're gonna fight."

The little man underwent surgery to remove the tumors before being sent to St. Jude's for follow-up treatment.

Shockingly, while at St. Jude's, doctors discovered that Cameron had not one disease, but he actually had four. The hospital's pioneered gene sequencing of the young boy's cancer, allowing them to begin a targeted, more effective treatment.

The boy endured six months of chemotherapy and radiation and remained firm throughout the adversity.

The 8-year-old Cameron, who is now hailed as a hero, shared how he felt after his intensive treatment:

"I feel amazing."

"I feel like I've been through everything."

May his winning smile give us the courage and hope we need to win over life adversities!