LisaRaye Tells Meek Mill "Come Thru" After He Commented On OnlyFans News

Is LisaRaye McCoy trying to hook up with Meek Mill? He seems interested, and according to her OnlyFans account, she's not complaining.

Yes, you read that right. McCoy also has an OnlyFans account, and her monthly subscription price is $20. She says she opened the account to let people into more personal aspects of her life.

LisaRaye's OnlyFans page

The actress and TV host says that one of her fans gave her an idea.


"I actually could get with that because I promise you when I post on Instagram - by the time I scroll through all the haters and the negative people and the naysayers and the folks that got some kind of negative opinion or whatever, it makes me exhausted."


She continued thinking out loud:

"So then it's like 'let me just post what I need to post,' but I think you gotta idea there because I got all this content. And all this little special stuff and behind the scenes stuff that I wanna do, but it makes me feel like I don't wanna put it on Instagram because it's like they all have something to say."

"So if I could have a place that only my people come to, only my fans, only my likes, only my members, only my people that mess with me...you know what? I could do an OnlyFans page."


And that's how the 57-year-old beauty got on the OnlyFans platform.

One of the comments that got everyone's attention came from Meek Mill.

He jokingly and flirty said he's willing to drop a bag on the actress's VIP package. Is that a euphemism? You be the judge.

Meek and LisaRaye? Will they, won't they

LisaRaye told her Cocktails with Queens co-hosts that he's welcome to "come through."


The actress contined asking wheter Meek was in Atlanta. She gave him a message of sorts:

"Tell him I'm here and tell him to pull through. Come through. "



"You never know what's behind the brand. Behind the face. Behind the words. You know what I mean? I find it to always be a genuine attribute to be able to have a conversation with someone and let their guard down, and you let your guard down, that preconceived notion of who you think they are."

It sounds like she's challenging him, and despite the age gap, we are sort into it. We miss some juicy celebrity hookups. Perhaps it will end with one drink, or we are witnessing the birth of an affair to remember.


Either way, we vote for love. Now watch how the whole thing went down, pun intented: