Lisa Morales Raises Temperatures At Miami Beach

Gorgeous TV personality and model Lisa Morales brought the heat to Miami beach when she decided to enjoy the sun dressed in a sultry bikini.

The brunette regularly visits the area and seems to have a new beautiful bikini look each time.

She looked irresistible in her purple bikini set consisting of a low-cut top that gave viewers a good look at her cleavage.

The matching panties gave her very little coverage since her luscious and tanned booty was displayed in the second photo.

Apart from spending time on the beach, the stunning model loves traveling, cooking, dancing, and taking pictures. She enjoys being in front of and behind the camera.

She describes herself as 100% Latina with a Cuban background and lives in Florida.

Lisa started modeling at 16 and got a big break in her career at 19 when she got into the Seventeen Magazine fashion show.

To keep her fantastic body in shape, Lisa lives a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and clean eating.

However, she can not resist the occasional cupcake.

Contrary to most health freaks, she is not a morning person and stays up working late so she can sleep in the mornings.

She is passionate about volunteer work and co-founded the non-profit organization Miami Model Citizen intending to help families and kids in need while breaking down stereotypes related to pretty models.

The social and outgoing beauty is terrified of needles and avoids getting piercings and tattoos.

Nowadays, the successful model puts a lot of focus on her family.

She is happily married to Jason Duke, and apart from a husband, her family consists of her beloved daughter Italy and a poodle named Romeo.