Lisa Marie Presley 'Heartbroken' After 27-Year-Old Son Benjamin Keough Passed Away

Lisa Marie Presley ‘heartbroken’ After 27-year-old Son Benjamin Keough Passed Away

The grandson of one of music's most admired legends - Elvis Presley - has passed away on 13 July, leaving his mother heartbroken.

27-year-old Benjamin Keough died near Los Angeles and Lisa Marie Presley's representative, Roger Widynowski, confirmed the sad news.

Lisa Marie is devastated and according to People magazine, she is trying to stay strong for her children.

Benjamin was adored by Lisa Marie, who had him with her ex Danny, and dealing with his passing is not easy for the mother or her family.


Cause Of Death


Benjamin was found with a gunshot wound in his upper body, and at first, it was not quite clear what happened.

However, law enforcement told news agencies that Benjamin's wound may have been inflicted by himself.

Grieving Siblings

The young man's death does not only leave his mother with a broken heart, but also his siblings.

His sister, 31-year-old Riley, and 11-year-old half-sisters, Harper and Finley (twins) are also in pain upon losing their brother.




Lisa Marie's latest posts on Twitter - dating back to 2019 - are of her and the children, all close together for a photo. She added a caption to the photo that expressed her love:

"Mama Lion with cubs."

Priscilla Presley Filled With Sorrow

Benjamin's grandmother is just as upset by his death as the rest of her family. The former wife of Elvis said that the days after her grandson's death has been the family's darkest days.


Losing the young man came as quite a shock, according to the 75-year-old. She took to Facebook to share her feelings.

She added that she prays every day that it will get better and that all the questions over why Benjamin shot himself stops pierced her soul.

Her heart goes out to her daughter and Danny.

Benjamin Looked A Lot Like His Dad


Lisa Marie felt that all her children had a bit of Elvis in them, but Benjamin resembled him the most.

She said it was uncanny just how much he looked like the king of rock 'n roll.

It is perhaps this likeness that made Benjamin and his mother so close. The pair even had matching tattoos of a Celtic eternity knot, which they got on Mother's Day in 2009. It represents their connection and love, which is eternal.