Lisa Ling Explains The "strange" And "weird" Relationship She Had With Prince

Lisa Ling Explains The "strange" And "weird"  Relationship She Had With Prince

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lisa Ling spoke about her relationship with one of the most influential musicians of our time - Prince.

Some twenty years ago, Lisa Ling was co-hosting The View. Prince saw the program and was intrigued by a 20 something host.

So, her people got a call from his people, and things went from strange to bizarre.

A person called, saying:

"The artist formerly known as Prince would like to speak to Lisa."

As Lisa was a Prince fan, she gave the green light to pass his people her number. So, Prince asked Lisa to go to the TLC concert, and she said yes. He said:

"I'm going to send a car to pick you up, come to my hotel, ask for Karl Marx, and they'll let you come up to my room. He registered as Karl Marx."

In case you missed your philosophy classes, Marx was a German philosopher from the 19th century.

When Prince saw Lisa, the first thing he said was, "I like your shoes."

The night went okay, but the following day things went south:

"The next day I went back and was doing my job at The View, and I was talking on-air about someone that I dated a long time ago. And I got a call at five o'clock the next morning, and it was Prince calling himself, the guy didn't call, and he said, 'Who were you talking about?' And I said, 'I was talking about someone in my past.'"

Prince asked:

"Why were you talking about him?"

Lisa Ling Explains The "strange" And "weird"  Relationship She Had With Prince

Lisa explained that Prince acted as "we had a relationship or something."

Ling added:

"But I was talking about someone in my past. And that was it. He never called me. That was my relationship with Prince."

She concluded:

"It was really strange. I mean, I still to this day think that he is the greatest artist who ever lived. But it was a little bit of a weird interaction that we had over the course of a couple of day."

It is not surprising that Prince was overly cautious about who he associated with. But it sounds like the music legend forgot one thing. What's the point of having it all if you cannot enjoy life?