lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Lip bite kissing is not for the faint of heart: this is a whole different ballgame. In fact, this kiss might be what you need to take your romance to the next level.

As you know, a kiss can tell a lot about you, your partner, and your relationship. Like other kisses, a lip bite kiss can vary based on taste, rhythm, sensuality, and a whole lot of factors.

You have to be careful with a lip bite kiss as it can easily backfire on you, even if you are a well-known "aggressive" kisser. The goal is to have fun, not to torture each other.

For instance, make sure your lip bite action is not too aggressive or too lame. Leaving your partner's lip bloodied might be not only a turnoff but also the beginning of the end of your romance.

Lip bite kisses should be done passionately, with finesse, and at the right time. That is why it's good to follow the right process to make sure the kiss is one of the sexiest aspects of your romance.

When you sneak that lip bite into your kisses, it should be loaded with emotion, passion, and rousing aggression.

Why Give/Get A Lip Bite Kiss?

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

They say that there is no accounting for taste.

Some people like a little roughness because that's what gets them off. Others like to be a little aggressive, and that's okay.

In both of these cases, a lip bite kiss may be worth a try.

The opportunity to use this kissing technique shows that some level of fearlessness exists in your relationship.

There are few things better than knowing that you can take things all the way with your partner. For many people, a lip bite kiss is a sure sign that the sex can get as kinky and as exciting as possible, and that is the idea of perfect romance for many people.

Experts agree that a lip bite kiss is very intimate, and it usually indicates that you or your partner can't wait to get it on.

So, if you think it's time you gave a lip bite kiss a try, here's how to do it right.

1. Set The Mood

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Kissing is very delicate and intimate, and being in the right mood matters a lot. You should definitely not try a lip bite if your partner is still not ready.

However, when you notice a desire for that level of intimacy, then the lip bite kiss might be a welcome idea. Of course, you also need the expertise to do it right.

2. Get Closer

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Once you realize that things are heating up, you should get closer to your partner for a more intimate embrace. That will make things between you especially steamy and create the right ambiance.

In short, it should not just be your lips touching.

At this point, your hands could be roaming, and your bodies should be pressed close together, even if you don't plan on doing anything else besides kissing.

You can also show some form of passionate aggression as a taste of things to come. This includes running your fingers through their hair, some bit of scratching, and some playful teasing.

The most important thing is to make sure you don't go overboard. Your partner should be having a good time and longing for more.

3. Start With Something Mild

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly
lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Bite kissing is a bit more advanced, which means it should not be the first thing you try when you lock lips.

You should start with some serious lip-locking and ensure the experience is sweet, steamy, and playful before you try some nibbling or lip bites.

4. Heat Up The Kissing Session

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Before a biting kiss can become an acceptable part of your make-out session, you have to really heat things up. That means your kissing should be sensual, gradually increasing from a closed mouth kiss to a heated open mouth kiss.

A little French kissing can also help, followed by some sucking on your partner's lower lip. This should act as a hint that a biting kiss might be coming up.

5. Let Your Teeth Touch Your Partner's Lips

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly
lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Once you are ready to try a lip bite, ensure that your partner gets the hint by letting your teeth touch their bottom lip. That should be an adequate hint that a loving bite might follow.

6. Learn To Execute A Lip Bite Kiss

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

To begin with, you should transition from using your lips to squeeze your partner's lips to using your teeth.

Basically, you should bite gently and tug a bit. You should also not bite down hard, as that can draw some blood. If that happens, your heated love session could quickly turn into a very heated argument.

7. Make Sure The Bite Is Brief

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly
lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Although you might have tried to build up to a lip bite for minutes, it does not mean you dwell so much on it. This move should only happen as the highlight before moving on to something else.

Excessive biting can be torture, and it can leave your partner's lip raw and painful.

8. Switch Between Kissing And Nibbling

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Even if you are using gentle nibbles, you should not overdo it, as that can result in a raw or bloodied lip, which could be a major turn-off. It might make your partner less interested in kissing you from there onwards, which can do some serious damage to your romantic relationship.

In any case, there is a very thin line between too much teasing and torture. So, if you take it too far, you will come off as a sadistic jerk.

9. Always Pay Attention To Your Partner's Reaction

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly
lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

A kiss is only good when it is enjoyed by both parties. Therefore, making sure your partner enjoys the kiss is very important.

The idea is to make sure that the lip bite is something your partner looks forward to. That will only happen if they enjoy it.

If you execute the lip bite wrongly, you could hurt your partner and start getting a negative reaction whenever you try to kiss them in the future.

You will know that your partner might not be enjoying the kiss as much as you had hoped when they start backing away, changing the kissing style, or making a verbal expression of dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, if they move closer, moan with contention, or sigh with pleasure, then you can know for sure they are enjoying whatever you are doing.

10. Ensure Your Lips And Mouth Are Clean

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

It's hard to work on your oral hygiene when you are already in the middle of kissing. So, before you even start kissing, you should make sure your lips and mouth are clean.

Some mouthwash can quickly get the job done, as well as some lip balm.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

lip bite kissing: how to do it properly

Keep in mind that most people don't like to get bitten when getting kissed. That is why you should be absolutely sure that your partner might enjoy this kind of sexual aggression before you try it out.

Never bite down hard on your partner's lower lip in the name of giving them a lip bite kiss.

Fortunately, many people don't mind if things get a little rough as the sexual tension rises, and that gives you a perfect chance to give them a harmless lip bite kiss and make it fun for the both of you.

Perfect kissing is often an amazing prelude to sex, making the whole experience much more intimate.

Definitely, don't try lip bite kissing until you have mastered some basic kissing techniques. This is still an advanced technique that requires delicate handling.