'Lingerie For Men' Actually Exists

When a Japanese male bra popped up on the internet, it left everyone on social media amused but confused. Do men really need a bra? The truth is that modern men enjoy wearing 'traditional feminine' undergarments.

When it comes to lifestyle, today's men are starting to have way more fun. From donning skirts, braiding hair, applying lipsticks and highlighters to their faces, there's no limit to what they can do with their bodies, as long as they feel happy and comfortable.


And men's lingerie is becoming a new trend.

Brent Krause, an Australian male lingerie designer at Homme Mystere, told Splinter New in an interview:

"There's no variety in the men's lingerie sold in department stores. It's boxers and briefs, and if you're really daring, maybe a thong!"

"There's no denying department stores sell good quality, functional underwear, and that's fine for ninety percent of men. But not me."


According to Krause's lingerie company, most of their customers are from the US, with up 40 percent customer base.

The UK and Western Europe sale adds up to 40 percent of their total clients, and they even send merchandise to Canada and Russia.

Krause said:

"I don't think the male bra industry is any larger in Japan than anywhere else. Certainly, our numbers show the USA and Europe to be about the same in terms of size with Japan quite a distance behind."


"In saying that, our wholesale sales are very strong into Japan, which suggests guys are buying our lingerie but prefer to buy from a local store that speaks the language."

Men are wearing lingerie everywhere, including at work, meetings, and movies. Maybe even the man sitting next to you is wearing it right now.

When Splinter News surveyed Homme Mystere customers, the responses were surprising.


One customer, anonymous, claimed:

"I wear panties daily!"

Another said:

"I wear lingerie daily, always panties, and a bra maybe three to four times a week. And nightly to bed."

While another went as far as to say:

"No boxers left in my knicker drawer!"

Another surprising detail of the report is that over 90 percent of Homme Mystere clients, who responded to Splinter News survey, were in heterosexual relationships.


Krause also confirmed that most of their customers are over 40, straight, and married.

Splinter News also found that these men's girlfriends or wives know about their husbands' or boyfriends' undies preference and are cool with it.

One customer was happy to reveal:

"I was very open and honest with her and told her so that she could decide on her own if she wanted to have a relationship with me. We have been happily married for 13 years now, she has never once complained or felt ashamed of me. She loves me for 'who' I am not what I wear."


It makes Homme Mystere famous and unique because it doesn't use 'judging tag names' on their customers. Some sites refer clients by names such as fetish-ers and cross-dressers, which turns away most men.

Krause Explained:

"I purposely tried to avoid any link to a fetish or any specific kind of label. If I had done that, it would have meant immediately labeling our customers by default, and I have no idea how my customers view themselves."


This's a good move as it makes cis straight men comfortably buy the underwear that makes them feel happy and comfortable. It also opens the doors for non-binary folks and trans-women to find a better place to buy lingerie.