Lil Nas X's Fake Pregnancy Sparks Debate In Trans Community

Lil Nas X Fake Pregnancy Sparks Debate In Trans Community

Following Lil Nas X's photoshoot showing off a fake pregnancy, the trans community has gotten into a heated debate about the rapper's transphobic actions. Immediately after the controversial shoot, Lil Nas X faced a lot of criticism.

Apparently, to some people, what he did was unacceptable as it promotes discrimination against trans people. Schuyler Bailar, an athlete and an advocate for trans people, claimed that the fake pregnancy demonstrated that Lil Nas X was both 'insensitive and irresponsible.'

Bailar argued that the fake pregnancy used the "shock factor" on the premise that men cannot get pregnant to inspire negative attention against the trans community. However, Bailar pointed out that trans men can get pregnant and that they get pregnant all the time.

Lil Nas X's Fake Pregnancy Sparks Debate In Trans Community

In the photos, Lil Nas X pretends to be pregnant as a cis man, and in so doing, he invites ignorance and hatred against the trans masculine community. If that is not bad enough, the rapper also left some transphobic comments under the post he made.

However, Bailar ended up in a controversy of his own following these critical comments against Lil Nas X.

Many commenters were quick to note that Bailar was more than willing to call out the rapper for posting a fake pregnancy shoot but had said nothing about James Charles, who did the same thing earlier in the year. The comments came from Black trans followers who were concerned that Bailar was showing racial bias.

Kayden Coleman, who had an Instagram Live chat with Bailar, pointed out that the fake pregnancy shoot can be seen as transphobic by trans men, but calling out Lil Nas X while giving white men who have done the same thing a pass demonstrated anti-Black bias on Bailar's part.

Coleman stated that Lil Nas X's shoot was a good thing as it had started a conversation about trans masculine pregnancies, especially concerning how it relates to Black trans people. Coleman is a trans educator, and he explained that the incident could help start a much-needed conversation on the subject.

Later, Bailar discussed how the post he had made initially had shown anti-Black bias:

"The pain that some trans masculine folks feel in response is real and valid, but should not be directed at Lil Nas X when countless white men have engaged in the behavior prior and not received the same critical energy for it."

After the open conversation, Bailar and Coleman ended up getting applauded by other people in the trans community for helping promote the much-needed conversation on the subject. The pair were also congratulated for advancing a good-faith debate on an issue that seriously affects the trans community.