Life's Too Short - 8 Habits Of Truly Positive People

Life’s Too Short – 8 Habits Of Truly Positive People

It's easy to feel low when the world has been turned upside down. Try these eight habits of truly positive people to bring a bit more light into your life.

1. Find The Silver Lining

If you want to be a truly positive person, then you need to remember to always look for the silver lining even when you're feeling your worst. Practice affirmations and positive self-talk to remind yourself that there is always a bright side.

And always remember that friends and family are there to support you through all sorts of situations. If you need help, then don't go looking for the silver lining alone.

This doesn't mean that you have to be super happy about everything, but just that you have a sense of perspective. Don't just focus on the cloud!

2. Be Kind To You

Just because you're great at giving advice and helping your friends, that doesn't mean you should neglect yourself.

Sometimes we think it's selfish to pay attention to our own needs and desires, but positivity has to start with you!

Do you ever find yourself scolding yourself or wishing you'd done something differently? Well, try practicing positive self-talk instead. One way to try this is by looking at yourself in the mirror and reminding yourself that you are capable, strong, and beautiful. Be kind to your inner voice.

If you're always extending patience and compassion to others, you should treat yourself with the same love.

3. Slow Down

Being a truly positive person takes up mental energy. We won't have the stamina to stay positive all the time if we don't relax and look after ourselves.

Slowing down could mean meditations or yoga, or it could be a relaxing walk outside. You could relax by watching your favorite series or playing games online.

Whatever it is, switch off that critical voice, and let your mind wind down. Try not to focus on productivity or rules. Just slow down, and let yourself relax.

4. Don't Be Scared Of Negativity

This may seem counterintuitive, but to be truly positive, you have to experience the negative.

If you've seen Pixar's adorable animated movie Inside Out, you'll know that happy needs some sad to put things in perspective.

Experiencing negative emotions can lead to growth. Feeling negative can make you more empathetic towards others who are going through something difficult.

You can't be a truly positive person if you're in denial, so don't be scared to face up to negativity.

5. Get Rid Of Toxic People

Why would we want toxic people in our sphere of positivity? It's one thing to embrace the growth potential of negativity, but a step too far to let toxic friends hang around.

Does someone in your circle drain your energy and make you dislike yourself? Then step away!

Of course, you could try talking to the toxic people in your orbit or spending less time with them if you can't quite cut them out. But remember, toxic people aren't very reflective, and a lot of them simply don't want to change.

Prioritize the people that make you feel your best. Positive friendships are part of being a truly positive person.

6. Celebrate Small Victories

To be a truly positive person, celebrate all the things you achieve day today.

Lots of us put pressure on ourselves and feel like we never live up to all of our goals and aims.

But listen, if you struggle to cook for yourself, then you should celebrate each time you manage to cobble together a meal. If you're able to take a short walk in the evening, then congratulate yourself for it instead of wishing you'd done more.

Being a truly positive person is about framing your actions and decisions in a way that's helpful to you. Why put yourself down and beat yourself up? That isn't positive!

Instead, recognize and celebrate when you meet your goals, spend quality time with loved ones, and get boring chores done.

7. Be Realistic

Being truly positive is a great mindset, but it's important to stay realistic.

What's the use of being positive if you're actually ignoring underlying issues in your life? Balance is important, so if being positive about everything is clouding your judgment, then step back and think realistically.

Positivity means being confident but not ignoring reality. To avoid a false sense of security, be pragmatic as well as positive.

8. Aim High

If you're a positive person with a healthy and pragmatic perspective, why not shoot for the stars?

Approaching the world with a positive outlook can mean higher confidence and boosted self-esteem. If you're realistic too, then you know how to set goals that you can actually achieve.

All those small celebrations build up to big aspirations and big results.

Confidence, self-belief, and positivity can lead to big things. Don't be afraid to aim high.

Stay positive!