Life's Greatest Tragedy

Life’s Greatest Tragedy

When we are alone, we tend to reflect on our lives and become acquainted with our inner voice. We become tenders of our own space and our positions in time cease to matter.

Forgetting who we are and what our accomplishments might mean for the influential people in our lives, we look inward and discover if we can be alone by ourselves.

Most of all, our accomplishments pale in comparison to what we deem our hearts truly desire. We know the underlying answer to a pattern of questions. But we ignore it, because we have responsibilities to fulfill and positions to defend.

When we think we have come a long way but have gone south instead of going forward with our values and beliefs, we realize the grave mistake. And, yet, it seems the undertaking had strained us profoundly. We have become old before our time and none the wiser until we are looking at our sunset years with milky, almost blind eyes.

We Are Old Before Our Time

It is heartening to listen to youth talk, dream, and play. They are full of innocence and have great physical strength. Their viewpoints in life are myopic and full of rosy wonder. Most of the time, they make mistakes, learn from them, and have the guts and stamina to pick themselves up. They move on as easily as they presented themselves for the challenge.

There are, however, unfortunate times, such as when tragedy strikes. These problems might be too much for youth's limited wisdom and garbled experience in the trenches of life. There might be death in the family. Sudden tragic accidents and significations of trauma and depression are only some of the many arsenals of life's unexplained challenges.

In these times, the youth's burgeoning to adapt to a dynamically changing society is hampered. There might be a lack of parental guidance and mentors to support them. The usual ending is that the young become angry and frustrated. They suffer in silence and because they have no one to turn to are apt to become depressed and cynical.

We Are Wise When It Is Too Late

It is upsetting and tragic to realize during our sunset years how we wasted the glories of youth. How we were unprepared for what life can offer in wisdom and long-lasting values is maddening. We may, as old people tending our garden, suffering a heart attack, and not having the strength to live up to the zest of life falter and groan in our sleep.

Our deepest regrets cannot be put into words because they hurt a lot, especially when we know how much life could have been more if only we were truer to our values and our real selves. Oh, alas, but that is usually the main conundrum of life.

When we haven't the strength, we usually pine for things we need strength for. We fail to make good use of our present gifts and so we complain and brood. We waste so much time choosing to be ungrateful and useless with our gifts. The lesson for the young and the old is the same, and that is, make good use of what you have when you have it.