Life Lessons You Should Learn By Age 28

Life Lessons You Should Learn By Age 28

As you grow up, there are several life experiences you encounter that make you stronger and better as a person. Here are life lessons you'll hopefully learn by the time you hit 28 years of age.

Follow Your Heart

You are the one who can judge whether something is good or bad. Your decisions in life rely on what your heart wants.

Love Is Worth Taking A Risk

It doesn't matter how often you've been hurt, love is beautiful, and you need to try again and again until you find the perfect match.


You Only Need A Few Real Friends

As you grow older, you realize you need a quality relationship rather than the quantity brought about by many friends who don't add value to your life.

Do Not Diagnose Yourself

Self-diagnosis helps to take care of minor issues, but some need professional help. So, instead of turning to Google every time you have a problem; seek the help of a doctor.


Take Care Of Your Health

You need to learn to take care of yourself by eating healthy.

Be Patient

You need to work hard to achieve what you want in life. Nothing comes overnight, so you also need patience.

Be A Little Optimistic

You should be positive about life because this is the key to success. Be positive but not overconfident, so you don't end up being disappointed.


Be Humble

Whatever life brings your way whether big or small, always be humble. Don't be too proud because relationships are much stronger than material things.

Don't Build Your Happiness On Anyone

You don't need validation from anyone to believe the positive things in life. You should think you are beautiful even without the expensive jewels.


Others Treat You How You Teach Them To

Be kind to people and always give love and kindness. They will return the same.


So much anger and hatred will only way you down. Learn to forgive yourself and then forgive others.

Accept Things You Cannot Change

At this age, you will learn to let some things be the way they are. You cannot change some things in life.


Express Gratitude

Always be grateful for things you value and do good things in return.

Courage Doesn't Mean You Are Not Afraid

You must face your fears with courage and see past your worse fears.

Love Yourself Enough To Let Go

Don't cling to a toxic relationship. If it's not working the way it should, let go and find someone worth your love.


You Can't Fix People

People will only change when they feel it's convenient. It's not your duty to fix them. You can only influence and inspire them.

Drink Water

Water is good for a younger look. Take good care of your skin if you need to maintain the beauty.

Stop Complaining

Everybody experiences bad times in life. Instead of sitting back and whining, think about other people with worse problems and appreciate your life.


Praise People Around You

Appreciate people for little things they do and make them feel worthy.


Don't express yourself too much to the extent that you forget to listen to what others have to say too.

Use Social Media Only For The Good

Think deeply before you post anything on social media and only post things that add value to your life.


Never Stop Dreaming

You are never too old to dream. Have huge goals and be confident that you will achieve them one day.

Take Risks

Don't be so comfortable in your comfort zone. Bad decisions offer you a good learning opportunity.

The World Is Not Only Made Of Happiness

Life can sometimes be cruel, but this should not discourage you because the world is not always a happy place.


Do What Makes You Happy

You always need to make yourself happy by doing things you love. Life is too short to be miserable.


Let people you love know you love them by being grateful for their presence in your life.

You Cannot Figure All Your Shit Out

If you think you have solved it all, then you are wrong because you still have a long way to go.



It's not wrong to be a little religious because prayer is an important thing in life. Learn to always turn to God for guidance.