Life Is Too Short; Don't Waste It On People Who Suck The Happiness Out Of You

Life Is Too Short; Don’t Waste It On People Who Suck The Happiness Out Of You

People who surround us have a significant impact on our lives. That is why it is imperative to be mindful of who you allow to stay in your life. Toxic people can manipulate you and leave you feeling miserable. Here are 5 types of people from whom you should walk away without second thoughts:

The Complainer

People who find faults in everything should never be a part of your life. Sure, not everything works the way we want, and it is okay to complain sometimes. But these are the ones who are tired of life, always unhappy with others, and it is almost impossible to please them. They never account for the blessings in their life. They always whine and try to make a point that they live the worst life. Interaction with such people always leaves you feeling drained.

Those Who Love The Comfort Zone

These are the ones to avoid, especially if you wish to make the best of your life!

They lack the motivation to do something productive with their lives. They are a source of demotivation.

Just an example, they are the ones who will tell you how pointless it is to join the gym just because they are too lazy to do something about their 400-pound bodies!

The Jealous Ones

Repeat after me; I will immediately walk away from people who envy me.

Those who want you to be happy will never be jealous of your achievements. They will always support you in your endeavors. Jealous people can never see others happy and find pleasure in other people's misery.

Never find a friend in someone who is fueled by jealousy. If you wish to stay happy, walk away from them without a hint of guilt.

The Pretentious Ones

They are the toxic ones. They will do or say anything to get your attention.

Pretentious people can make your life miserable. You can never believe anything they say.

Such people are desperate to get you to like them. You can clearly see that their intentions and words never match. They can also try to be close to you for personal gains. Stay away from them. Make room for the ones who are REAL!

The Bragger

Stay away from those who like to show off. They define their worth merely on the validations from others. They are always insecure and never find comfort in their own skin.

The braggers will always try to boast about their achievements and make you feel worthless. Keep the company of the modest ones, those who don't thrive on compliments. Always stay close to those who make you feel good about yourself.

Be brave. Step away from those who find satisfaction in your misery. Stay around positive people who spread positive vibes. Remember, only choose those who make you happy. Otherwise, It's better to be alone than with the leeches who suck the happiness out of you till the last drop.