life is like a ricochet

How many of us have been tested by life? Life isn't easy. It is a challenge to go through the day. You wake up not knowing if you will have a good day or not. Well, you don't need to stress yourself out for nothing.

Let things happened to you.

You had a good day shared it with your loved ones. You had a bad day. Well, make your night better. Have your favorite snacks and watch a funny movie. Talk to relatives or friends about your bad days. You will always find someone who will listen and give the advice you need to make you feel better.

Who Said Life Is Easy?

life is like a ricochet
life is like a ricochet

We often hear we learn from our mistakes, but sometimes we do it again. We became so stubborn that we listen only to ourselves.

Here what happened when life is waiting for us around the corner. It showed up and hit us pretty hard. Life is like you want to challenge me. You don't want to listen or don't want to learn and grow up. Well, here I am!

This is at this moment we have a wake-up call when life hit us. We said why we did that, and I shouldn't do that. Can we go back to the past? No. We can fix our mistakes, and sometimes no. Well, don't regret anything. Cry if you want to but dry those tears and move on.

How To Not Let Yourself Down

life is like a ricochet
life is like a ricochet

Everyone heals in different ways. You have to know your worst enemy in the healing process is your mind. Everything or everybody seems to be against you? Well, you are the only one who lets people or feelings destroy you. You are the only one who allowed this negativity to come to your mind and reach your heart.

First, don't let yourself down. Stay positive always. You messed up ok fine. You can fix it. You can't fix it. Life goes on. When you have a negative thought, change it into a positive one and everything will have another perspective.

Second, do your favorite thing: it can be sport, running, walking, cooking, drawing, reading, having coffee with friends or family. Do everything you like, don't stop.

Third, avoid people once they see you down. Add more hell to your situation. Please stay away from them and surrounding yourself with positive people, the ones who lift you up.

Every day is a second chance. You don't need to be perfect. Just stay positive. It is ok to have a meltdown. We are human. Cry it out then refocus on yourself. You are braver than you think.

Once this positive attitude will reach you something magical will show up "your inner strength".

When Your Inner Strength Shows Up

life is like a ricochet
life is like a ricochet

Life has many ways of testing a person's will. It will hit you hard, but you will find some strength that you will never think you had inside of you. Having a bad day? You will not pay attention like you used to before. Some friends ghosted you goodbye to them; they don't worth your time and energy. Your partner broke your heart well; there is plenty of fish in the sea.

Some heal differently. It takes some time for some, and it is easy for others. No matter how long your healing process takes, you will always be a warrior, a winner at the end.

Every little thing which was once horrible to handle will be just a drop in the ocean. It will happen when your inner strength shows up.

You will understand that you don't need to worry about details that can destroy your peace of mind and your heart. You will learn how to be patient, and you will even help others getting better in their life because you've been through hell yourself.

Life is full of tests, and like a ricochet, it hits us hard, but we come up stronger than ever. Life will change you, but you will learn how to protect yourself mentally from negativity. Let things come to you and accept these challenges in your life.

If life will not hit us hard we will never understand its meanings and we will never see its beauty.