Life After Toxicity: 6 Simple Statements To Reduce Anxiety

Life After Toxicity: 6 Simple Statements To Reduce Anxiety

Congratulations, you made it through the most difficult part. You left your narcissistic ex behind and chose to move forward with your life, but now what?

Everyone advises on how to leave your toxic relationship; however, no one talks about life afterward. How do you avoid falling back into another toxic cycle?

The key is to continue to move forward. Don't give away any more of your power. Stay strong and remember these 4 simple statements that will help you move through life.

This Too Shall Pass

There are going to be things, people, places, and smells that will make you fall into a flashback. It will hit you quickly. You will feel like you are back in that moment. Take a deep breath and let it pass.

Furthermore, remember that it was a moment in the past. Process the memory, and remember you are safe. The worst is already in the past. You already left.

Surviving is Your Forte

You have already been through tough situations and survived. Your narcissistic ex couldn't break you; therefore, you have been through your worst lessons in life.

Furthermore, future lessons life throws at you will not seem so bleak because you have been through the worst already. There will still be tough situations in your life, but they won't seem as bad due to your past.

Love yourself

You have been through so much already. Your narcissist ex used to whisper mean things in your ear. It's not true. Always know that you are an amazing person.

You need to give yourself love. It is really easy to continue repeating his words in your head. Don't. They are false and have no substance.

Furthermore, you deserve to be loved. You are a beautiful soul who has seen a lot. Focus on loving yourself. When you love yourself, you won't accept anything less than what you deserve.

Also, be kind to yourself. Go into the bathroom in the morning; look in the mirror and say 5 nice things about yourself every day. You will start to look at yourself in a more positive light.

You are Strong

There are women who are not able to leave, but you did. Know that means you are stronger than a lot of people in the world. Keep your head held high and know that you have overcome much in your life already.

People will ask you why you stayed so long, but that does not matter; the only thing that matters is that you had the strength to leave. They have not been in your situation and cannot comprehend what you went through.

You know what it means to have hit bottom and survive. Those who have walked a similar path as you will understand; those who haven't won't. You never know how you will act in situations until you have been there.

You are unique

Not everyone will understand your journey. You have gone through things that others will not be able to figure out. Your journey was tailored to make you just the way you are.

Therefore, your journey makes you special. There is no one else like you. Own your journey because it made you into this amazing person reading this article right now.

You understand the world and a depth to society that others will never be able to understand. You can see behind the false smiles that hide an ocean of tears because at one point that was you. Use it to help others.

Wisdom is gained through terrain

The wisest people gained their wisdom through the journey they had to travel, making you a very perceptive soul. Trust yourself.

You have a whole set of enlightenment and can truly understand love's capacity due to the lack of love in the past. Therefore, when you finally find your person, you will be able to love them unconditionally.

To conclude, only you can give your power away. You have been to rock bottom and risen back up. Don't give anyone else your power, and the right person won't take it; they will enhance it.

Hence, you know what you want, and more importantly, you know what you don't want. Surround yourself with those that make you feel happy and protected. If someone feels off to you, walk away. Trust your intuition.

Furthermore, there will always be someone who will try to own you, but you know what that looks like now. Use your knowledge to move forward because you are wiser than most.

The worst is behind you. Continue to move forward.