Lies Guys Tell To Get Intimate With You & Why They Need To Stop

Many individuals, both male, and female may not be seeking a committed relationship, yet they still desire intimacy without having to wait until they are ready to commit. It is widely known that casual sexual encounters are becoming increasingly accepted. However, it is essential to find a situation where both parties have similar intentions. Regrettably, there are many males who will deceive to get someone undressed.


1. "I'm Single. I Swear"

Typically, when girls suspect that a guy has a girlfriend, they are unlikely to engage in sexual activity with him. Therefore, if a guy is determined to cheat, he will pretend to be a single man for the evening. In this scenario, he will not reveal his true relationship status, and instead, he will assert that he is single with great conviction.


2. "I Just Want To Cuddle"

The notion of "Netflix & chill" is centered around assigning a harmless nickname to hooking up. This is done to make it appear non-threatening and innocent. If two people happen to engage in sexual activity, it is framed as an impulsive act that couldn't be helped, rather than something that was premeditated.

3. "I Think I'm In Love With You"

It is unclear how effective this tactic would be on girls, but some guys may amplify their emotions toward a girl to become closer to her. If a guy expresses his love too early in the relationship, it is probable that he has an underlying agenda.


4. "I'm Bigger Than Average"

The truthfulness of this statement is reliant on the individual's interpretation of the word "average," and while it may be valid in certain situations, it comes with a degree of uncertainty. If you are uncertain, you could discreetly take a look, and if it does not meet your expectations, you could politely excuse yourself from the situation.


5. "I Never Do This"

He is insinuating that he is not typically interested in casual encounters, but there is a captivating quality about you that compels him to break his usual pattern. He wants you to feel unique and to believe that he perceives something distinct in you that he hasn't seen in other women he could have chosen that night.

6. "I Won't Tell Anyone"

If he suspects that you are reluctant to engage in sexual activity due to concerns about others finding out, he may pledge to keep the encounter confidential. However, it may be prudent to obtain written assurance, so that if he ultimately reveals the details, you have legal recourse to take against him.


7. "You're So {insert Compliment Here}"

This is not to suggest that he doesn't genuinely believe that you are stunning, funny, or intelligent. However, he is also aware that praising you may improve his odds of engaging in sexual activity. Consequently, if he needs to exaggerate his compliments to achieve his objective, he will undoubtedly do so.

8. "I Make A Lot Of Money"

Males often believe that women are fascinated by wealth. Therefore, even if he doesn't explicitly state it, he will drop subtle hints that are designed to convey that he is affluent. He may casually reference his luxurious penthouse apartment downtown or boast about consuming only premium vodka. Whatever the case may be, it is not coincidental.


9. "I'm Looking For Something Serious"

He may believe that bringing up the idea of commitment is sufficient to arouse a woman's interest swiftly. However, if he is the sort of individual who would deceive a woman merely to lure her into bed, his true intentions are likely the polar opposite. He may have sex with you and then dismiss you by calling a cab home without any intention of keeping in touch.


10."I'm An Astronaut And I'm Leaving For A Two-year Mission To Mars Tomorrow"

Alright, Barney Stinson. Your claim is entirely convincing.