Lewis Capaldi Poses With Bizarre-Looking Statue Of Himself

Lewis Capaldi couldn't help but grin as he stood next to a statue of himself on Sunday.

Students from his alma mater gifted the 26-year-old singer the artwork as a tribute to the launch of his newest album.

While visiting the highly-prized artwork, Lewis had difficulty concealing his reaction and displayed a range of facial expressions.

In one photo, the singer of Forget Me could be observed gazing at the sculpture, appearing somewhat puzzled.

The celebrity maintained his usual relaxed appearance for the occasion, sporting a white t-shirt and jeans.

To complete his ensemble, he complemented the outfit with navy blue sneakers.

The bronze statue featured exaggeratedly large eyes and remarkably slender fingers while sitting with crossed arms.

Pupils and teachers dedicated six months to crafting their tribute at St. Kentigern's Academy in West Lothian, Glasgow.

Following his performance at the British Academy Television Awards last week, Lewis appeared to be in good spirits.

As he departed from London's Royal Festival Hall, the singer relished a bag of cheese and onion crisps while getting into his car.

At the awards ceremony, the musician graced the stage to perform his chart-topping single, Wish You The Best.

It happened recently when Lewis revealed his new disguise earlier this month by growing a mustache and sharing a series of photos on Instagram, striking various poses.

The successful artist disclosed that it took him approximately 'six weeks' to grow the facial hair and to make it more noticeable, he had to enhance it by applying mascara to color it in.

The singer playfully remarked that he grew the mustache as a 'disguise for his own safety' after his latest music video reportedly made a few children cry.

In the photos, Lewis appeared relaxed as he posed, sporting a black Nike sweatshirt and sweeping his long locks away from his face.

The musician made a series of comical expressions before eventually donning a black baseball cap and a pair of oversized dark sunglasses.

He wrote: "Have made too many children cry with my new music video for Wish You The Best."

"So I've decided it's time to assume a disguise for my own safety. It took me SIX WEEKS to grow this moustache and I had to colour it in with mascara so it was actually visibleā€¦ I'm 26 years old."

In the meantime, the star recently shared his amusing response to children bursting into tears while watching his emotional new music video for Wish You The Best.

The singer recently unveiled the music video for his latest single, featuring Harry Potter actor David Bradley, 81, portraying an elderly postman who passes away, leaving his loyal dog heartbroken.

Following scenes of mourning at the postman's graveside, the dog is embraced by a younger postman, only to experience the sorrow of losing him as well, ultimately being reunited with her former owner in the afterlife.

However, several young children have been in tears while watching the emotionally-charged masterpiece, as seen in various TikTok videos.

In response to those clips on his profile, Lewis posted a series of shocked reactions as he witnessed his music video's emotional impact on viewers.

He quipped in his caption, "I am now making children cry."

But soon added: "I feel like my latest music video is emotionally scarring these children and I don't know how to feel cause on one hand it's sad but also at least the song is getting out there."