Let Your Lady Know How You Feel: I Love You Quotes For Her

Let Your Lady Know How You Feel: I Love You Quotes For Her

If you are lucky enough to find a good woman, don't hide your true feelings. Let these I love you quotes for her help you express what's inside of your heart.

Loving a woman is an easy task, though some might disagree. It's about giving her comfort and safety while letting her spread her wings.

When you meet the one, you'll quickly realize that there's nothing she won't do for you, but you need to keep up.

While your darling doesn't doubt in your relationship as often as some think, women need you to tell them your feelings.

The seduction never truly ends, and the more you invest in your relationship, the more comfortable she'll feel in it. Give her a place in your world instead of trying to provide her with the whole sky.

Sweet little notes and I love you quotes for her are a sure way to keep her on her toes and keep the spark alive. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but here's the thing.

Men are visual beings, while ladies can fall in love over and over again through love letters or random, unexpected compliments.

Often, we say I love you without thinking about it. It becomes a habit. Or maybe you need some inspiration to get through to her heart.

Either way, it's good to keep the romance and always to have something to tell her that will remind her that she's the only one for you.

Everything Sounds Better In French

Gals have the craziest obsession with everything French. From clothes to croissants, there is something quite mesmerizing about this European country.

No one is saying that you should learn the whole dictionary or learn poems in French by heart. Instead, keep it light and straightforward, but do add some words from the language of love.

Here are some of our examples that are not famous. I love your quotes for her, but they are going to leave quite an impression on your lover.

I don't miss you. Here's how I feel. Tu me manques. It's quite strange, to be honest. Because although the meaning means somewhere along, "you are missing from me." it's much more than merely missing you.

Tu me rends gaga, or as simply I adore you, my woman!

Did you know that I can't find the words, but I did find Je t' ai dans la peau. It literally means you're missing from my skin, so there you go ma chere!

Sans toi, Je ne suis rien! You know it, baby!

Mon amour, Let's grab some takeout and make love all night? Please say, Oui!

Hey, Mon Amour, have I told you how fabulous and gorgeous you are today?

Espresso, croissant, you in a little black dress, and that's all I need. Each morning, for the rest of my life!

Mon Ange. Mon Coeur.

Short I Love You Quotes For Her

Perhaps you are busy with work or study, and you feel a bit guilty for not spending enough time with your gal.

She understands that, but it only takes a couple of seconds to write short and sweet, or maybe a bit dirtier, yet caring words to let your lady know she's always on your mind.

You can borrow lyrics from a poem or a song. Or you can take a leaf from our book and tell her something that's not entirely on a Shakespearean level, yet it will mean the world to her.

While a simple I love you will do the trick, it's even better to put just a tiny amount of effort and let your lady know why you love her today or what about her makes your heart beats louder.

Here's what we came up with, and of course, you can use, but add something significant only the two of you:

All the purest things I keep in my heart, that I didn't want to share with anyone, I held you until I met you. I love you with my whole being.

I never felt like a king until I met my queen. You rule my world!

Hey, sexy! Have I told you lately that you're everything I ever wanted and more?

You make me feel like me, only better.

I can't stop smiling whenever I think of you, so I've been smiling for the whole day.

Hello beautiful! I just wanted to let you know that no ocean is as deep as your eyes.

Is it getting hotter, or am I just feeling your presence today, more than ever?

It's crazy, but it's true, I don't mind being such a fool for you!

I don't need anyone while I have you! You are the love of my life!

Funny And Clever I Love You Quotes For Her

A healthy dose of humor is always an essential part of a relationship. It's also a great way to say what's in your heart without getting too emotional or to avoid being cheesy.

Not every woman wants to hear only words about undying love. Some simply need you to be yourself, and if she loves your sense of humor, use it instead of merely looking for I love you quotes for her.

If you need a doctor for love, I have a degree.

Are you tired? (Why?) Because you've been spinning in my head all day!

Cupid called me. He asked you to return my heart.

If I walk you home, will you keep me?

You look like a glass of refreshing drink, and I am the thirstiest man in the world!

Stop asking me how do you look. All I see is a wrinkled old lady, but don't mind me. I am already living in our future.

Can I borrow your phone, my battery died. I just wanted to call God and thank Him for sending me an angel!

Let's do something for the planet. Like, shower together?

I had a nightmare. You were perfect, and I was freaked out. I don't need flawless you; all I want is this regular, a bit lazy, a bit cranky version that I fell for.

Truly Romantic I Love You Quotes For Her

Save the best for last: for a special occasion, you have to have particular words to express what's on your mind and in your heart.

You don't have to be a poet, nor you have to have some perfect speech. There's no such thing as ideal love, but it's good to remind your woman that you two make a whole.

Melt her heart with our ideas, write them down for her birthday or anniversary. Or, simply, whisper the magic words while you are feeling all the joy and pride for picking the right gal at the right moment.

When you're with me, I don't worry about the future. You're all I want.

Because you love me, I love everything else, and I wish no harm to anyone. My love, you raised me so high that even if I fell - I would live to the ground!

Sleep peacefully, because this evening has miraculous power, maybe I will appear next to you and kiss you goodnight.

I will never be alone next to you. You are always there to drive loneliness out of my door.

I look up to the skies as the small and bright stars struggle with the endless darkness. And countless stars shine in the sky, and only I have the most beautiful of all.

I belong to you, so I finally belong entirely to myself.

Don't close the door, but listen to the steps of the clock, and when the hands connect, my thoughts are with you!

No matter where you go, part of me will be with you and part of you will.

As long as I live, I will always love you. And when I'm not there, I'll love you, because no one can do anything to us.

I would give you the last two breaths, one to kiss you, the other to tell you I love you and thank you.

If I hadn't found you, I'd be mad at life. I wouldn't have anything, as I do now, but I wouldn't know what happiness is.

I don't care where you are and where I am. I don't care about this distance between us. It's essential that you are where you need to be - deep in my heart.

Lean on me forever. One smile of yours is enough, and the whole planet is ours. I just need your touch, and I will become immortal. I love you the most in the world, baby.

If water is a kiss, then I'm sending you the sea, if the leaves are a hug, then I'll send you the forest. If love lasts forever, then I send you eternity.

Tonight the stars write your name, and the wind carries your scent. That moved my heart, so I wrote you a message to tell you that I love you the most in the world.

In your eyes, I see a shining star; on your honey lips, I touch paradise.

I love how cold you get, even when it's spring outside. And I love that it takes you an hour to choose which sandwich to make. Sure, I love those little wrinkles that appeared on your face. I love that after you leave, I can smell your sweatshirt for hours, days.

You are my illusion, you are my reality, you are my obsession and my existence, you are my little pet, and you radiate beautifully, you are my little heart, and you mean a lot to me!

Always Speak From The Heart

It's never about finding several ideal I love you quotes for her. You have to mean it.

Whichever words you choose, what truly matters is that you're entirely and undoubtfully in love with your woman. That can make a simple "want coffee" sound gentle, warm, and fuzzy.

Even when you're sending a text, do it with soul because otherwise, you're wasting some precious moments and words. And when it comes to real love, there's nothing worse than going through the motions.

Be present, even when you're saying a quote because women can sense and reward your honesty.