Let Your Dating Be Silent, But Your Love Loud

Let Your Dating Be Silent, But Your Love Loud

I'll be the first to admit, I have let far too many bad people into my life. And what has allowed some of these clowns to get close gotten me? Embarrassment, for one.

You meet someone, and all seems to go well and you take your romance public, including posting pictures of yourself on social media.

Then you realize you jumped the gun, because what you thought was supposed to last is just another fling.

But then you tell yourself: what will people think? They have seen your life on social media and they think everything about your relationship is perfect.

Just like that, your nightmare has just began.

Now you have to fake being in a happy relationship. You work really hard to impress strangers because you currently depend on their approval.

And at what cost?

Good people who truly deserve a place in your life stay away. People with good hearts and a genuine desire to make you happy keep their distance while you suffer in your fake relationship.

We Have A Problem People

Today, when you meet someone, you immediately want to know what the world thinks of your relationship and your choices.

We don't believe in discretion any more. We cannot keep things intimate and private, like they should be.

Instead of taking the time to know our romantic partners, we spend more time trying to figure out what the world thinks of the choices we have made.

But that is a bad move right from day one.

Nobody will ever be perfect, least of all to the world.

Even the person you think is perfect for you will be flawed in one significant way or another to someone else. And is that the feedback you want on someone you have let into your life?

There Will Never Come A Time When All People Will Approve Of Your Choices

So, forget what everyone thinks and focus on dating in silence. Take time to know each other and enjoy each other's company before allowing other people to get involved.

Have your own opinions of this person before the world puts in its two cents. But we do the complete opposite and mess our dating lives big time.

The world is cold and broken, and there are many pessimists out there willing to stop at nothing to make you lose focus and think the worst of a good thing.

And the worst part is that you can't sometimes defend your partner because you have no evidence in their favor. How could you when you have not taken the time to know them?

But when you date in silence and know this person inside out, you will know when people are saying BS about them because you know who you are dating.

Ultimately, a relationship is between two people. Your friends and family should only get involved when you decide the relationship can finally go public.

Give Yourself Space And Learn About Each Other

Don't give others a chance to know about you before you even know about each other.

At the end of the day, it's your heart on the line. If others mess things up and you end up broken or regretful, the world will not give a damn, but you, on the other hand, will suffer.

Even if you have been burned, don't be tempted to invite others to tell you about your relationship before you know it completely. If necessary, take time to heal and when you can trust yourself to get into a healthy relationship, then you can give it another shot.

But before then, let the world stay in the dark about your dating life. But once you discover that your love is true and that you can take on the planet, then you can let others in and they can say whatever they like without sowing doubts in your mind because you will have all the facts about your partner.