Leonardo Dicaprio Has "Split" With Girlfriend Camila Morrone Months After She Turned 25

Leonardo Dicaprio Has "split" With Girlfriend Camila Morrone Months After She Turned 25

According to People, E! News, and The Sun, Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio are no longer a couple.

Just two months after Morrone turned 25, they decided to break up, supporting a long-standing pattern of DiCaprio dating women under 25.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor Leo has developed such a well-known pattern of behavior in his love life that someone on Reddit made a chart to show how frequently it truly happens.


The chart sparked jokes and "concern" for Morrone, with the internet community making light of the possibility that she would be replaced with a younger model.

On June 16, she posted to Instagram: "One-quarter century down. Thank you to everyone for sending me, b'day love. Smiles from sunny Minnesota. "

Many users used the opportunity of their birthday greetings to show their "worry" for her, with one writing: "I'm sure your relationship was enjoyable while it lasted."


A Twitter user tweeted a montage of the couple with the phrase, "It's the final countdown," in a similar story.

More than 27.8k people liked the tweet, it earned 3,000 retweets, and scores of people joked that their relationship might end in the comments.

"Happy birthday, sweetie!" one person remarked. "Leo is treating these little girls like running backs asking for their second contract. It's time for us to break up," added another.


The third person wrote, "My thoughts and prayers are with her," and the fourth person commented, "Not him dating girls born the year Titanic came out."

Someone wrote, "If they last another year, it will be his longest relationship and the first time he has dated a 26-year-old girl."


The Great Gatsby actor and his ex-girlfriend were last seen together on a Malibu beach over the Fourth of July weekend.

While DiCaprio was still in Los Angeles this month, Morrone was sighted in St. Tropez with her mother.

Morrone described mainly being recognized for her relationship with DiCaprio as "frustrating" in a 2019 interview with the Los Angeles Times.


She stated, "I think there should always be an identity other than someone you're dating."

"I understand the association, but I'm sure it will disappear and become less of a topic of conversation."