Leo In 2019

23 July – 23 August

Many possibilities abound, and your quest to find the best ones is set to be a thrill. On every day and in every way, life can become more fulfilling.

Home and Family

Dilemmas can bring you closer, and there could be tempting changes on the horizon because Pluto, your planet of house and home, is moving back and forth. Your nearest and dearest could prove to be worth their weight in gold to you and vice versa, as everyone pulls together to help loved ones do their best. A feeling that you’re not going it alone may boost everyone’s confidence and as each one of you reports on your successes or brings home extra bacon, you could spur each other on even further. The end of the year is sure to bring cause for champagne cork-popping and you’re likely to feel that you thoroughly earned it.

Cash and Career

A flurry of financial activity kicks off your year, and those around you may want you to get involved in schemes they have their eye on. One moneymaking project could be worth your serious attention before the end of January, as a trio of planets rally in your zone of shared resources. As with any partnership, it’s important to know what everyone expects from the deal and each other. Hammer that out if necessary by March at the latest, because after that money, planet Venus heads into reverse. September emphasizes your personal earning power and is the best time to speak up about a pay rise, but wait until after the 5th, like Mercury, the planet of crossed wires, will be in retrograde before that.

Love and Friendship

Lovable is your middle name in the year ahead, and your warm and fun-loving nature will shine through and wow the opposite sex. Whether you’re attached or single, 2018 is a year to enjoy romantic moments and allow yourself to fall in love or deeper in love- but without being in a hurry. Time is on your side with heart-fluttering moments starred at the beginning and end of January, mid-February, early June, July, and August. Add all of them up and you’ll have food for thought on how you want your love life to move forward. The cosmos is saving the best until last for you, too, with sensual, seductive Venus moving into the most exciting part of your heart chart in December.

Top 3 Tips

  1. Go back to the school of education or pleasure
  2. Invest in a holiday home or go abroad
  3. Your relationship with a child is your greatest area of learning

Diary Entries 2019


Try to make the holiday feeling last as long as possible. You’re going to need it once the work kicks in with all the catch-up from 2018.


Drama arrives on Valentine’s Day. Things get shaken up and there may be a proposal or a new love interest.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder if a loved one is away. Don’t be needy and keep busy.


Work frustratingly stops and starts, and other plans interfere with career progress. Order is restored by the end of the month.


You can now fulfill the dreams you have linked to new horizons, kids, or romance.


Learning a new language opens doors. Find more time so you can think things through and study.


An ordinary life brings little pleasure. Do something extraordinary to get back in touch with the amazing you.


Big steps are required as you embark on a new journey at the helm.


The call of the wild continues to draw you away. But a word of warning – just make sure that you’re solvent before you respond.


Delve into your past and find out where you’re from. Home and family cause some corks to be popped.


Help out with a charity linked to kids and education. Sharing your home puts a gloss on your karma.


When a job ends, take your time saying goodbye. But when all’s said and done, it is a chance to invest in your future – the perfect Christmas present.