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Legendary Coach Bobby Bowden Says He Wanted To Beat COVID-19 So He Could Vote For Trump

legendary coach bobby bowden says he wanted to beat covid-19 so he could vote for trump

Just for a chance to vote in President Trump for a second term, former Florida State football coach, Bobby Bowden, was determined to beat COVID-19. As far as he was concerned, the opportunity to vote in the sitting president would be a huge win.

I've had the chance to get a lot of wins in my life, but I really wanted to win this one because I wanted to be around to vote for President Trump.

Bobby Bowden is 91 years old. He might have required the motivation to get better more than he thinks because beating the virus is not exactly easy.

And he clearly understands that beating the virus was nothing short of a miracle:


I want to thank all the many, many people who were thinking of and praying for me over the last few weeks. I just went through a battle with COVID-19, and God just wasn't ready to take me Home yet to be with Him.

The Hall-of-Famer coach is a devout Christian. During his glowing coaching career, he coached Florida state for over three decades.

For his contributions, he managed to become the second all-time coach thanks to his many wins.


Bobby Bowden Is A Well-Known Trump Fan

He was also a vocal supporter for Trump, and he repeatedly urged people to give him their votes:

So please, take the time, dadgumit, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, to Keep America Great and vote for Donald Trump.

Even as many of his fans celebrated his recovery, they still remembered his appeal to many:


Obviously, Trump was quite grateful for the endorsement. He thanked him as he remembered his amazing track record as a coach.


Bowden has never shied off from speaking about Trump's suitability. When the sitting president was doing his campaigns in Florida, Bobby spoke on his behalf.

No wonder the president has been so grateful for the man's support.

Bobby's determination to beat this deadly virus just for a chance to vote for the president helps highlight how important this year's election was to many Americans.

Fortunately, the coaching legend was luckier than most, even though Trump was not as lucky as he had hoped during the presidential elections. Many people his age have found the fight against COVID-19 unwinnable.