Leave The Negativity In 2019, According To February Supermoon

Leave The Negativity In 2019, According To February Supermoon

This year's first supermoon is on the horizon, literally, in the next week or so, and you all know what that means...

This special time on Sunday 9th February 2020, will be the time when the moon is in its closest orbit with the earth. And all manner of spiritual and earthly matters are aligned in this period. So, brace yourself for what may come your way in the next month. Plan for how you can be prepared to approach it and best benefit from it. Therefore, with the supermoon itself also obviously being 'super' in size and fullness, it will also appear that much closer to us on earth because of our increased proximity to the cosmos.

What does this mean for you?

Well, as it's considered a special time of change and with it being so close to the new year, many people use the supermoon as an opportunity to restart or try again with a new slate, giving all their resolutions another try. Most importantly, though, we can all try to leave the negativity from 2019 behind that we may still be hanging onto.

You know, the failed relationships, the toxic friends, the failed job interviews, and the family losses. There were so many more positive things that we could have remembered from the year. But, of course, that's what our brain fixates on in times of trouble and stress. Let's try to power past that. That's advice I give to all the star signs at this difficult, dreary time of year when it seems like there's no source of motivation to do anything.

So lean into whatever new emotions may be restored within you after this emotional purge

You may be feeling more rebellious or dramatic as a result of the surge in the Regulus, and Mars and Uranus combining. Choose your moments when you act on these feelings. If you create too much drama you may lose friends. However, if you hold back you won't be prioritising your own needs. Find the balance.

More still, the combination of Venus and Saturn means that negativity may try to enter your headspace. Try to think positively, surround yourself with supportive friends. Keep trying new things and keeping up with old habits. That's how to ensure you feel comfortable but also exit your own comfort zones in the new supermoon period.

Say goodbye to that negativity once you get through it. Look forward to a time of relaxation, letting go of the small things and stresses of life, and having a more realistic set of expectations for yourself. That why it's easier for you to succeed and satisfy yourself. Therefore you can encourage more growth rather than constantly fail. These stress-induced, impossible challenges that you set up for yourself are not helping.

Move past them

You can use this supermoon to take up running, or finally watch that series on Netflix. Or you can take time for yourself. Banish the negativity.

Say goodbye to the old you. However, stay true to what you want to achieve.

There's no reason why you can't make changes in your life at any stage in the year, but the supermoon in February is a great opportunity.

I hope you get out of it what you need, and that you can enjoy the closer proximity to the moon. Try to get in touch with your own spirituality and see what you find there.

You may be surprised.