Learn What The Egyptian Zodiac Says About Your Personality

Learn What The Egyptian Zodiac Says About Your Personality

Don't feel bad if you didn't know about the Egyptian zodiac. We're here to change that. Ancient Egypt gave us many things, including 12 zodiac signs.

I will bring you up to speed on Egyptian astrological signs right away. They might have great things to say about you and your fate in this life.

So you know the highlights, 11 of the 12 signs of the Egyptian zodiac are gods or goddesses, and they ascribe people born in these periods to the personalities attributed to these beings.


There's another interesting thing. Each sign happens up to four times each year.

1. The Nile (Jan 1-7, Jun 19-28, Sep 1-7, Nov 18-26)

In case you were wondering, this is the only sign not named after a god/goddess. It starts as the year begins. The Nile is considered the source of life in Egypt, and people under this sign take up some of its qualities such as generosity, calmness, and supportiveness. These people are also passionate but are likely to get carried away by their emotions.


2. Amon-Ra (Jan 8-21, Feb 1-11)

Amon-Ra rules over time, the cosmos, and even creation, and is a light in the darkness. If you are born under this sign, chances are that leadership comes naturally to you, and you can decide on everyone's behalf. But your ego is often an obstacle.

3. Mut (Jan 22-31, Sep 8-22)

The goddess Mut is fearless and protective of those she loves. That makes people born under this sign very nurturing, loyal, and full of great words of wisdom. But since they take relationships so seriously, they will often get hurt easily.


4. Geb (Feb 12-29, Aug 20-31)

Geb the god of earth connects the world to the cosmos which is why people born under this sign are likely to be highly sensitive to astrological happenings. But these people also have deep compassion for others, and if not careful, some people can take advantage of them.

5. Osiris (Mar 1-10, Nov 27-Dec 18)

Osiris is the god of the underworld and a symbol of rebirth. Some people born under this sign are great charismatic leaders, while others are vulnerable and emotional individuals.


These people are full of energy, and they follow through on whatever they purpose to do with passion and energy. Their only challenge is in staying calm and avoiding frustration when they meet challenges. Criticism also hurts them deeply.

6. Isis (Mar 11-31, Oct 18-29, Dec 19-31)

Isis is the daughter of Geb, the god of the earth, and a goddess with many magical powers such as healing, casting spells, and so forth. Those born under this sign are forthright, have a good sense of humor, and are easily affectionate.


7. Thoth (Apr 1-19, Nov 8-17)

Thoth is the god of communication, wisdom, and knowledge, and people under this sign often use their communication skills to get ahead in life. These people are also very creative and loyal, which makes them have lasting and stable relationships. They can, however, get bitter when betrayed and have a hard time forgiving.


8. Horus (Apr 20-May 7, Aug 12-19)

Horus is an Egyptian god credited with protecting the pharaoh and uniting the land. He has a lot of might and charisma to bring about necessary change, and he is also full of love and peace. People under this sign have a strong commitment to the community, but their problem is stubbornness and jealousy in their personal relationships.


9. Anubis (May 8-27, Jun 29-13)

Anubis guards the underworld and is considerate and understanding about darker issues in life. Forever peaceful, people under this sign are introspective and artistic. They also feel intensely but are normally calm.

10. Seth (May 28-Jun 18, Sep 28-Oct 2)

Seth is the god of chaos but is usually a symbol of change and transition. People under this sign are perfectionists, and they have a desire for knowledge. They also like their freedom, and jobs can feel restrictive for them.


11. Bastet (Jul 14-28, Sep 23-27, Oct 3-17)

Bastet is a cat goddess and a protector of women. She desires peace and pleasure in life, and people under this sign seek balance and try to avoid conflict. These people are also highly intuitive and mystical, and they know how to support others although they can neglect their own needs.


12. Sekhmet (Jul 29-Aug 11, Oct 30-Nov 7)

Sekhmet literally translates into "the powerful one." This goddess is a warrior and a healer, two things that may be present in people under this sign. These people can make great leaders, but they can also be perfectionists or free-spirits. Controlling their egos is their biggest challenge.