Named after a city in China, Jingang is a Korean horse who has had enough of carrying heavy people on his back several times a day.

lazy horse plays dead every time someone tries to ride him

He came up with an incredibly cute idea to get out of riding people along the local countryside. He played dead. Anytime a rancher approaches with a visitor who wants to get a ride on Jingang, this intelligent horse with a great sense of would drop down to the ground, shut his eyes, and lie still, pretending to be dead.

Like all animals, he dislikes skin pain and would go to extreme lengths to avoid any kind of stress. I'm am totally on Jingang's side!

lazy horse plays dead every time someone tries to ride him

The YouTube video has so far had over 2.8 million views. It's so adorable. Jingang can be seen flopping to the ground in rapid motions even when people sit on his back.

He's perfected it so much that he would now fall before someone gets on his saddle, sticking his tongue out and raising his hooves high in the air. "It's cute but naughty," his owner said.

In one of the clips, the lazy daisy saw one of the ranchers running toward him and did a swift double-take to the ground. When the rancher retreated, Jingang slowly began to get up.

The rancher then came back to him, running quickly and calling out loudly. In an automatic motion, Jingang flopped back down to the ground again. He kicked violently in the air for a bit as if pretending to be distressed and then lay still. This horse is an amazing theatre art major.

lazy horse plays dead every time someone tries to ride him

Everyone in the ranch has given up on Jingang as he seems to be immune to horse training.

The Asian stallion has cracked up millions of people online with his funny antics, and he's been branded a genius who is far too smart to be a horse. "That horse is a genius; wish I could just do that every time someone I don't like comes near me," one comment on YouTube read.

"The same happened to me when I was a kiddo and sitting on a horse… He fell down and pretended that he had fainted… But when I kept some chana in front of his mouth, he suddenly woke up…," another read.

Some people could over-relate with the horse's actions.

lazy horse plays dead every time someone tries to ride him

"Absolutely me when my sister wakes me up to go and get ready for school."

Jingang's got it all figured out for himself, and the best part is that he doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks. This spoiled horsey brat is out there living his best life.

Animals are so clever! We applaud Jingang's efforts.