Laziness Is Not Real, But Invisible Barriers Are

Laziness Is Not Real, But Invisible Barriers Are

In my life, I have seen people miss glaring opportunities, put off important activities, skip appointments, and simply let deadlines pass them by; and it wasn't because they had better things to do or that they didn't care. Funnily, while everyone else might accuse these people of laziness, I don't and I never will.


Then be ready to get shocked. I don't believe laziness even exists.


What I believe is that these people face barriers to accomplishing these tasks. Something is simply lacking, which is why they don't get to a point where they get these things done.

I believe that we should be careful to give these barriers the attention they need instead of simply dismissing the entire issue as laziness.

The Word "Lazy" Has A Pretty Judgmental Overtone, And That's Why I Avoid It

But we judge all the time. You see an able-bodied beggar sitting on the side of the street and you think their crime is incredible laziness.


You wonder why someone who doesn't have enough cash for food wastes that money on alcohol. But consider what it's like sleeping on a cold street while sober and you will see why it makes sense for a homeless guy to spend his money on booze and not food.

Why Do We Always Make People Feel Responsible For Their Bad Situations?

When they can't get things done and we can't see any reason for their failure, we call them lazy. We never look past the unseen barriers keeping them from doing these things.


The laziest person you see is doing the best they can under the circumstances. That able-bodied homeless man might have serious mental issues keeping him from holding down a job.

And believe it or not, it's not easy being "lazy." Think about it for a moment.

It's not easy sitting around all day doing nothing and living a tough life when you have the option to turn things around.

The Problem Is That "Lazy" People Blame Themselves As Well

They feel and know they should do something, but they cannot resist the urge to laze around.


You feel you have failed, and you accept that you are unmotivated and weak-willed.

But when you look more closely at the problem, you realize that it's not laziness that's standing in your way. First, there is the fear of not being good enough for the task ahead of you.

Other people fear failure, while others have no clue where to begin.

In other cases, some people feel overwhelmed by the deadlines, believing that they don't have enough time to get something done, and that makes them feel that there is no point in even trying.


As a result, you feel unmotivated, and the time you are waiting is usually pure torture.

It's difficult staring at a blank document, not knowing where to begin, or watching that pile of dirty dishes while trying to overcome your urge to get started on them.

But There's A Solution

The next time you are paralyzed by something you are supposed to do, don't wallow in sadness feeling like a failure.


Instead, look into what is holding you back. Because, with the right motivation, there is no better feeling than getting started on something you had set your mind on.

Instead of torturing yourself, try to relax yourself.

Also, learn to split up tasks into simple segments instead of looking at it as a single monumental activity.

Start with a small step and move on from there. It should be much easier that way.


Sometimes you are just stressed or depressed, and that clouds your mind and makes you seem lazy because it makes you less likely to do some things.

Unfortunately, moody people struggling with mental issues are often avoided and labeled as manipulative.

But You Can Help

If you see a "lazy" person, be supportive when they do something that seems like procrastination. Understanding them will give them confidence, which will make them more likely to step up to the plate and get things done.


Barriers should be accepted and understood, not judged. So, those who feel that people fail because they are lazy need to understand that barriers exist, not laziness.

You see! Nobody is lazy, they just haven't gotten over some unseen barriers standing between them and the tasks they intend to accomplish.